The War on Drugs

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  2. Marijuana use disorder becomes addiction when the person cannot stop using the drug even though it interferes with many aspects of his or her life. Estimates of the number of people addicted to marijuana are controversial, in part because epidemiological studies of substance use often use dependence as a proxy for addiction even though it is possible to be dependent without being addicted. Those studies suggest that 9 percent of people who use marijuana will become dependent on it,23,24 rising to about 17 percent in those who start using young (in their teens).25,26

    Must be true and its suspected at 7% less than liquor and other drugs but still no research has said otherwise because after 2 weeks the signs of addiction go away, however I was referring to medical. Which was stated because of the comparison to opioids.️ Now please try to prove me wrong, when used as medicine it's not addictive.
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  4. About 1 percent of the population is addicted to a drug that gives them headaches if they quit, and may cause jitters, anxiety, insomnia, and ulcers if they don’t. It's lethal at high doses. About 90 percent of the US population takes this drug regularly, even though it has no medical use. It’s marketed to kids, sold in or near schools, and is on school playgrounds. A schedule 1 narcotic, you assume?

    Nope - caffeine

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  5. I was never off topic I'll leave because you asked. I guess op is acting like Obama and Hillary Clinton getting upset because I am right that it wasn't derailed. Stupid noobs need to actually need to realized what they are saying. Don't get butthurt because you are wrong. Mods should lock this for op not knowing what they are doing. I'm just sayin
  6. @ Alpha_King last post page 4. YOU say criminals. That's the exact point we are discussing. Legalize this minor offense of possession, as you can see most of the US and lots of the world think, and what are these "criminals" now? Hmmmm, someone who just smokes pot. I would rather have more murderers stay in jail longer than 2-7 yrs (cause prisons are overcrowded), so that reduces there sentence time from 20-30 yrs, to paroled in the 2-7 yrs norm.
    Also, prisons are private ran now. Look into who owns the vast majority of US prisons. Yep, major bank firms like Chase Manhattan and the likes. Look it up and do some research.
    They more ppl in prison for easy arrests, sure, round up ppl with pot possession. Sounds legit huh?
    And to think of the taxes the government will make on it like alcohol and tobacco. WoW say prison owners. You taking our bread and butter non violent "criminals" (the easy ones to house in jail) and giving our money to the government? Private business has always led this country, not political parties. Whaaaaaa, we will fight to keep pot a schedule 1 class A drug (no change last week). Yep, pot is def as dangerous as heroin so we kept getting told, and the small sheep all say baaaaahhhhh
  7. Says who, who says that it isn't addictive as medicine? Surely people would enjoy the feeling of near euphoria and use the actual thing? Marijuana isn't some magical drug where everything is good. I knew several people who did marijuana, and one went as far to use it several times a day. When I asked her why, she said that it felt so good. She may not think she was addicted but she was. How did she get addicted? She probably had a small amount, and liked it. All medical marijuana is is a small amount of the stuff, it's still a gateway drug to the actual thing.

    Next is the stuff "you" said about coffee. All you said was 1% of America is addicted, and 90% take it. That is a ridiculously low addiction rate. I can guarantee also, that out of that 90%, 0% of caffeine intakers used it as a gateway drug to heroin or lsd.

    Statistically, if you lay out all the elephants, end to end in space. They will all die.

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  8. i support what they've done in portugal, they went from one of the worst drug cultures in the world to seeing a significant drop in use(notably in the youth) after laws were about drugs is a much better way to stop the problems related to substance abuse than incarceration...however having said that the gov does lose income on taxes, pharmaceuticals, clothing, paper, oil, etc which the taxes for drugs alone will not make up for, while also reducing enforcement & security employment & the ability to aquire revenue via the confiscation of illicit trading associated assets & many people working in associated industries may suffer too. So if we do go down a more lenient root i just hope its kick started with sum seriously large investments into drug trade & education to counter negative effects incurred.

    n 1 last thought..problems we see related to addictive overeating are significantly a bigger strain n cost to society, it results in more death & competition which sees businesses put other businesses out on the street, firing their employees who resort to illegal activities to get income, even a fast food place open on the corner at 2 am poses a bigger target for drawing crime, & the healthcare system is well and truely clogged with food related injuries & disorder but do u see them banning any food let alone bad fats n the over use of sugar?
  9. 4/20 blaze it
  10. Well regardless of the laws, usually when a country has a so called drug problem it's an indicator of other socio-economic issues within that country ...main reason why the so called drug war has gone on in the USA is to feed the Industrial Prison Complex we now have that was established by Clinton in the 90's due to raciist drug laws, enforcement of Rico etc.
  11. I wasn't trolling. Stating my opinion is my choice and I'll continue to do so. You asked for a discussion and peoples opinions.
  12. You're a fool for making assumptions. My opinion is based off watching family members and friends fall from the use of drugs, which is why I have so much hatred towards them and no remorse for those that choose that path.

    I'll never fully approve of drug use above marijuana but if it truly helps people (as you say, psychedelics helping with PTSD) I would support it being legalised so long as it was only possible to obtain if you proper need it.
  13. Ive seen first hand what drugs do to a family and even though I was only 2 years old at the time. It ruined my childhood.

    I also look down on people who use hard drugs as a crutch. Because of my mother using cocaine I was sent to social services where I was mistreated and had to deal with alot of fvcked up shiz.

    Later diagnoised with ADHD and medicated out of my skull and dropped off at some physc facility during Hurrican Katrina.

    The point being that these hard drugs should be illegal because they are harmful. The people bringing in Large shipments should be caught and jailed. Users should be rehabilitated and cared for. And weed should be legal but be smoked in designated areas. Which is the only compromise I think I could make regarding drugs.

    All in all dont do drugs and stay in school kids.
  14. The war on drugs was lost before it even started costing billions, as long as there are losers that self medicate, and people cashing in on addiction, there will always be a problem....
  15. I know what you're saying, but alcohol ruins families, cigarettes can ruin families, I've lost family to cancer, to alcoholism.

    And notice one thing, you want it to be illegal because it hurts people and their families, but did it not hurt your family while it was illegal?
  16. Best part of post was hands down the graph.
  17. It is pretty, isn't it.
  18. Quite frankly, if you say someone should "Just overdose" it doesn't matter if you're a troll or not, it just makes you a scumbag. You're an arrogant asshole.

  19. Thats not why I want it to be illegal my blood relatives can all go buzz off. Cigarettes and alcohol In moderation they dont cause much harm. But give someone some crack or Meth....