The War on Drugs

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  1. And to add to that, gives the potential for these people to integrate into normal society and become gainfully employed. Yes, there will always be those that relapse, but the success rate is much higher.
  2. No support. Just build a wall.
  3. #support
  4. Drug users in general are pathetic. I don't want them around me or anyone tbh, and if I see someone using illegal drugs I'll stop them, forcibly if I have too, and hand them over to the police.

    Drugs kill the people that use them and hurt/kill the people around them too. If people have to use drugs to get through life, at least overdose so you don't ruin other people's days.

    I hope you're not suggesting legalising Cocaine or anything. Marijuana I can understand, if you have a licence, but I will still look down on those who smoke it.
  5. Well lets hope you never have a child that gets mixed up in drugs. Maybe you will just hope they overdose to?
  6. Harambe would have liked to see weed legalized
  7. I don't plan on having kids, and if I did, that wouldn't happen.
    Don't get grumpy because I have a strong opinion.
  8. A strong opinion doesn't make you right.

    I would rather you leave my thread, if your only advice to a struggling drug addict is to "Overdose so you don't ruin other people's days". No trolling
  9. I'm all for the legalization of MJ, reason why it isn't a potent drug but it hurts the drug cartels badly. It's their most sold product, it's a party drug if you go to a College/HS party almost everyone has smoked MJ.

    Now why I say MJ should be legalized my Uncle was killed in a massacre in 2010. My uncle just to clarify wasn't the shady type person, he was an accomplished young man at 32, who was months away from getting his doctorates degree from UCLA. He spent most of his free time at charity events for the impoverished children in our area. He was at a bar celebrating his anniversary with his wife and her family from Mexico, when the cartel took over the bar and rounded up 10 men, her words is that he volunteered himself so he could save a life. They were loaded into trucks and slaughtered by them. Multiple gunshots to the head and tortured.

    Now anything that directly weakens the drug cartels I am all for it. Sorry not to get political but as a Latino that's why I support Trump.
  10. Da heck what kinda opinion is that dang it
  11. And I will continue to look down on you for being a close minded, yet loud mouthed, idiot.

    We all seem to agree that the "hard" drugs should remain illegal. Weed should be legalized. What I've seen no mention of at all is something I very much enjoy, psychedelics (mushrooms, lsd, etc.). In some circles used to help treat PTSD and things of that nature. I'd like to see some of y'alls opinions on that particular end of it
  12. The opinions will probably be ban all drugs and send the druggies to Mexico. Then build a wall.

  13. Weed should be used over opioids tbh, no addiction issues. Except the US big Pharma owns the opioid trade. When prescriptions runout they turn to meth to fuel the addiction. It's a malpractice, but one of the other biggest money makers is owning a prison believe or not. You're always able to stay in businesses especially when recessions hit.
  14. Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of how wrong you are.
  15. Reread your thread op no where in it says this is not a trump thread. You talk about drugs and trump those was the 2 points you have in this thread. Am I correct
    Or am I wrong?

    Yes I am correct so this thread is not getting off topic. Next time u might want to reword it just saying. So it is authorized to talk about both points on this thread.
  16. I'm not your brother thank god but anyways a 2 year old little girl can think of something better than you stupid. By the way it is you are stupid.
  17. @Alpha regardless, stay on topic or leave. We're not here to discuss political candidates, and as ironic as it is, no trolling.
  18. Bruh, are you really so stupid that you can't see the irony from a mile away? (Hmm this is off topic, how can I fix that?) Have you been doing heroin recently?
  19. Going to both of you, marijuna is less addictive than alcohol and nicotine.
  20. So Obama let criminals back on the street yay he is a great president. Lmfao not....... Come on now you really you should think. Atleast what I say makes sense.