The wall"lying"warrior aka sr-ShadowOfDeath

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by II-roni-II, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. And yet, here we are.

    Soo... Which account were you?
  2. Evil_Envy
  3. death when he came on kaw today.i wasnt on kaw [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] proceeding with deaths finishing move - lots of scouts ! Then he calls in the assistance of his buddys MrKillerCapone and SR-YoureGone.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] i cant show the disgusting things that death wrote about me on his wall this time because they break tou and he quickly deleted them .if i showed them on here they would get this thread graveyarded i think .But what all this goes to show is that silent resurgance ask for people to back off them and let death and skinny 1 v 1 and they will stop too.But they cant follow the same requests.As soon as Death beckons them they gang up again and cant 1 v 1.
  4. Why do you bank your gold? 6mil a hit lost... you make like 70x on one hit. Im just curious .
  5. i been buying allies,mith and potions
  6. If they are as bad as you say they were you should forward them onto the Devs
  7. [​IMG] Kawmelot " EB " fairy !!
  8. I'm not defending anyone but just because someone's dtw doesn't mean they're avoiding you. They could be in the middle of a fight with other players.
    I've been accused of pinning myself on quests etc when I'd actually been using my troops on one player and my spies on another to keep him pinned. This kept me pinned because I didn't want to use crystals.
  9. swod hes not fighting anyone not even fighting me. hes active in eb on his main too that was dtw also.
  10. Then what are you ss'ing?

    And when did fails or victories ever matter? There is no special move or defense that you are unleashing on someone.

    Its mathematics, not you. And by your logic, if you cant succeed, then you lose or shouldn't fight.

    Yea, you play both sides of that fense.
  11. im proving eb lord is a big liar pretending hes hitting me when he wasnt at all hes dtw.Alll sr do is lie to each other like they the buisness .Well the bubble has burst .
  12. I didnt know he said anything. Oh well, you can update me next time. We do hope you keep on taking those ss's that are nothing more than pause brakes between your ever so repetitive narratives.

    Every fight of yours is exactly the same story. Just different names.

    Like, people are always dtw in pvp. You, them, the dude watch on the damn side line. Its a side effect of playing kaw.
    Might as well point out someones troops are regenning...
  13. my narratives are 100% better than your dumb raps you write on statics cypher thread.Yours make no sense whatsoever .We can all pretend we are so hardcore and gangster but it is so evident that that is not your real life style .Its sweet you once again try save your boys of the wally squad .But all kaw have seen that no matter all the insults they say about me it echos about themselves too.and no my storys are not the same i am creative else nobody would read page 2.Your raps though get skimmed over and forgotten .All that you wrote above is all deja-vu from when you buttkissed scoop and tryed muscle in on that one too.Give up twinky you cant beat static and you sure as hell cant beat me either in the war of words.
  14. Lol, what on earth are you talking about?

    Ok, seriously, wheres Ashton Kutcher. Cause you got me.
  15. You know, i just spent the time from my last post looking for what you think your talking about, and damn...

    I really wanted it to almost be true. But sorry, ReRun Roni. You must be stuck on stupid again.

    Its good that you can blissfully interpret your forum recognition as being a respectable kaw authority.

    The rest of us are cool with sitting back and guessing which one of the three stogies you are today. I always love it when you do curly. Hes so stoopid, its adorable.
  16. Ew swod and roni...
  17. twinky as i said before you have no credibility yourself.Maybe ammong the wally boys who are to blind to see that behind your big front that you really have nothing going on .And you are just a outsider so dont try fit together missing pieces what you aint in the know about.As i said before you can lie in your inner circle of wallys .They might be fooled by you but most can see how all you are is a msb zero and nothing has changed since you had to merge into clan A and later moved into aztec.I hit you twinky a few months ago and you didnt attack me back not even once.You just continued going into lots of outside apoc clans doing ebs.
  18. Lmfao it's always a lil amusing either here or wc lmfao

  19. This comment alone makes this thread half decent....thank you
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