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  1. Will there be a pvp/war revamp?
  2. Bruce is my lover
  3. The new furniture looks very Sponge Bob inspired. Just sayin....
  4. Uh it's a beta fish. They battle each other to the death.
  5. Messed up quotes to lazy to go back but Bruce said what i quoted

    Roadmaps are the worst. Remember that one we did in 2014? Devs didn't even follow it.[/quote]
    At least answer my other questions, is there a future left for kaw? Will there be advertising to attract new players? Will loading times not take 3 years? Will there be a wider range of different legends? Will the tutorial get the revamp because it puts of new players. Can we get an update on graphics for kaw?[/quote]

    In the interest of staying on topic I will give you a series of quick and honest answers:

    1. Is there a future left for kaw?
    Yes. As long as there is a good group of people playing and supporting us we will continue to support KaW. People have been claiming KaW is dying every week of the 5 years I have worked on it. It's true that some people leave, but enough new and returning players come back that KaW is very much stable. It's unlikely to break the top charts these days, but that's OK.

    2. Will there be advertising to attract new players?
    No. There are some very specific reasons why advertising does not work very well for KaW. I have gone into it in other threads and will not be doing that again here, but the tl;dr is that the mobile games market has changed greatly over the last decade and even if we are successful in getting people to download the game not enough people stick around to make it worth it. This is partly because we are competing with newer games that have easier to understand mechanics and it takes a while to dig into the meat of KaW and really discover how friggin awesome it is. Attention spans these days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. Will loading times not take 3 years?
    The devs are aware of this. It's not an easy fix but your feedback is not falling on deaf ears.

    4. Will there be a wider range of different legends?
    Sure, what sort of Legends would you like to see?

    5. Will the tutorial get the revamp because it puts of new players.
    Not likely. A tutorial is not a silver bullet. The core of the game is way more hardcore than many other games out there making it more difficult to understand. It doesn't make sense to change the core gameplay of KaW at this point.

    6. Can we get an update on graphics for kaw?
    The closest thing to graphical updates KaW will receive are visual redesigns like chat/walls/etc and new features like Legends and Furnishings. There won't be any crazy 3D battles added any time soon because the base tech of the game cannot support it.

    A legend I'd like to see if something like old event lol have 1 or 2 ebs that drop more lol ( a big and small one) and also another one is the serverwide events, years ago there was one wherr you had rewards for your self and whole server.. Might help lower stat people to
  6. Bruce. War season revamp. Please
  7. Bruce u r one of the reasons this game sucks now
  8. Then don’t play the game, stop hating and uninstall 
  9. The rewards from the legends (rings etc) still say re-open game for me. Is there a way I can fix this? I should already have the first rewards but I cant find in my equipment slots 
  10. @Bruce- is there any possibilty of opening the ee system to self made matches like any other system war? Even two slots a day would be fine. We can bet charms/rewards now so there would be incentive to make private leagues, just like fanatasy sports.
  11. PvP event opt in everyone please I am slightly confused after so many people saying the last real PvP event you did was the best event you have run. Why have you not run it again? Seriously I think you get a kick out of aggravating your customers. You say when you release legends it will bring more variety and allow you to do different events or something along those lines... Well where are they? Because all I see is the same things over and over again.
  12. Nope it’s Car Wash!! Will Smith 
  13. I want a banner. I collected all the magic bowls thinking I'll be able to upgrade the banners and those ended up being useless.
    To encourage war you should try adding set teams with BFA/BFE to see how all of us strong players got.
    Another thing is everyone I fight ends up quitting so if the game dies you can put the blame on me :lol:
    Also, I would like to see a rooster, pit bull, a monkey. Since we in the underwater theme maybe a Shark.
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  15. Bruce what exactly are you involved in as a designer ?

    Isn’t it the design team that comes up with the game ideas ?

    What were you and the design team smoking when you guys thought a beta would make a good pet ?
  16. Wait what happened to Grant? He was my boo
  17. What happened to your old account?
  18. Wait wait ...isn’t this just the same event rehashed?...