The Vigonian Letter

Discussion in 'Events' started by ATABruce, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. I'm holding my breath for this event.
  2. Can we add an Aqua / Inferno event into the rotation of equipment sets? i.e. Every time we've gone through Legends for at least a single piece of all equip have an Aqua/Inferno event then to help with upgrading the massive amounts of equip we are getting now?
  3. Same
  4. Cool story
  5. Can we have an event similar to the old ice moth collection one. Something with a different format to what we are currently seeing constantly please?
  6. Can someone tell me how a large fish fits into a war game???
  7. 
  8. Cause it's rad as hell. It's helping our scouts by carrying underwater sensors. Either that or it's attractive loot from our kingdoms' pillaging.
  10. I like the artwork. ATA has been consistently putting out some great art and themes over the last few months. I'm curious as how the 1700s theme from the last two events tie in with the medieval lore, ie. Arkosa, Unkari etc.

    Did the mage use a spell that let us time travel?
  11. Hahahahah... Kingdoms at Event/Eb.
    I bet we will have a kitchen soon, getting recipes, spices ingredients from events for some delicious meals. We can even trade recipes!

    Nice job devs. The community is cheering for some home econs lessons
  12. You have no idea how much I would love to trade recipes en masse with other people
  13. I'm pretty sure that's a carp js maybe wrong lol

  14. ...CATFISH have always been a part of KAW, especially forums
  15. There were complains when there was a one week legends break. And now there is also criticism when legends start back-to-back. What exactly does the community want? Lol
  16. We want you to lose those lame tags
  17. Use main to post not alt pls ty

  18. Shaddup u pie eating ass clown :p

    ...this is my main
  19. Im done. I quit. Coulda done a dolphin pet. Did you? NOPE. Crush my dreams again, ATA.

    Well done. Well played.
  20. ...i wanna turtle