The Unofficial Official Emerald Hornet Tracking Guide

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  1. This whole thread was for nothing and wasted effort because devs changed the drop rates of hornets.
  2. Or it now serves a whole new person, don't be such a negative Nancy.
  3. Lure now dropping horns
  4. Lol jack ya nub it's hornets!
  5. GS dropping 550!!!! Just left clan!! New best EB for hornets!!!
  6. Tsg was dropping 500 before
  7. TSG was dropping like 250-350 ya nub
  8. Now Naly, we can always just restart over. It wont kill us ;)
  9. Make sure to put in GS.dropping 550
    My clan mate got 635 from it
  10. What eb now drops best (that is fast and free)?
  11. 565 from Smoke Signals just now
  12. Not sure yet. I think the best thing would be to test various ebs and report what you get!
  13. @shadow unless you started the eb 36 minutes ago I don't think that's the new rate.
  14. Battle Royale now dropping 80-140.
  15. Lol, yea probably. Just throwing it out there XD
  16. No I meant horns As in the ones u drop on rotw string cheese U understand?
  17. If they finished eb after drop rate changed, the eb would have been affected.
  18. Oohh jack I'm sorry lol

    U no nub no more lol