The Unofficial Official Emerald Hornet Tracking Guide

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  1. Unrelated to the Hornets, I got a Horn of Calydor from the lure eb two days ago.
  2. seals drop too ^
  3. haunt seems like best free play option atm, large clans can do it in 20-30 mins, dropping up to 180 hornets
  4. Still getting around 500 from TSG
  5. destroyer has started droping 0-168 thnxs devs :/
  6. Someone in this clan got 943 hornets from TSG
  7. No updates ???
  8. Anyone try origins today ??
  9. Abandoned Kingdom and Foreign Territories both drop 0.
  10. 309,315 for HTE. From 2 of my accounts
  11. The Frozen City is 200-350. Good if you can do it fast.
  12. Bump for my clan.
  13. We don't care about hte drop because it will never be low.
  14. No support 
  15. I'm not sure how effective this thread is now because of how drops are decided now
  16. I think it would be best if the total hornets dropped for the clan are calculated. That way we can find the best eb overall
  17. Update coming later guys. Sorry, just been busy,but I'm not gonna let it interfere with the progress of the thread 
  18. 1003 hornets from tsg - from 559 actions
  19. What does WW give?