The time has come!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Pika-, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. I'm not top 100 anything I don't like the update because once people have stacked enough charms they are going to be untouchable in indi war. Simply because equipment stats don't count in matchmaking the game is now going to be who can make the most alts to send main charms. A simple fix would be to include equipment stats into matchmaking like they do with BFA. Personally I don't give a crap about how its going to affect the rest of the game but a system war is meant to be somewhat fair.
  2. Stop making excuses why you can't osw. "Oh the devs are sooooo bad".. Just do it. We all struggle the same, some more than others ofc. But when I look at your stats I don't see an acc that's "too small to war". Ffs. This kaw generation...
  3. Grizzly forget about this nonsense stack up BFE. It's nonsense how many you think will do that? Most do indi and lowland and are alts. You should be more worry if you can hit them lol. Have you noticed in LowLand some players can unload so fast like 4 hits a second. Some ps1 you can't barely even hit once on start. They unload troops so fast it's amazing ๎’๎’. You should more worried about that than this update which make more interaction between players. This update is intended to get more interaction not ruin anyone game. Only one ruin the players game are third party apps that somehow can't be detected by developers when the players using them spend $2k US dollar a month or more into the game.