The things Gaw done better at than Kaw

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  1. Gaw was shut down, but nonetheless some of its features within the game were much better than this, hence creating a much closer community within the game.

    1) The Leaderboards for both clans and players. In gaw the 'prestige' leaderboard wasn't broken and actually did work. You need to fix this now. There was also a weekly lb for the players. I think that it may be beneficial if there was such an lb implemented into this game, that being one for the most attacks, steals, and whatever that 3rd weekly lb was.

    2) Crews. If there was one thing that gaw was good at, it was crews. People could talk to each other from other clans or could see there clan mates inc. Such a feature added onto the chat bar may help players talk to each other more, ie meeting new people or simply help players with wars. (For those that don't know if you were in the same crew as someone else there inc would come up on your newsfeed, would help war clans a lot)

    3)Pm/contact list. On the contact list there was a light which indicated if the player was on the game or not, kind of like the forums. If they were on the game it would come up green, if not on it would stay transparent. This seems pointless but for some clans it may be beneficial such as running the correct eb to the correct activity ie not running an eb that you know you will not succeed due to inactivity at that time. I believe this may help some clans as they know who is active for upcoming war (could prevent inactive casters for some clans) or what eb to run. The pm in gaw had a much better and more user friendly way. The whole box stuff isn't the friendliest of UI. I mean, even pimd's pm is better!!

    4) Regain. As some may know the regains of gaw was amazing, this game not so much. The best way to make the most gold is to skim in this game however the regain isn't exact. In gaw this was much different. After you skim, the regain should come to exactly 100% not 98/99%. Also you'd get a notification when at 100%. The thing that may put some players off skimming is that you need to be on the game constantly to do it correct. I'd rather hit and then 5mins later get a notification saying I'm at full whilst making the max amount of gold I can.

    5) Clan wall. For some clans the bio is meant to be the clan art, it's meant to be big and bold. However due to the limit of characters some need to put the clan rules into it. It'll probably help all clans if there was a clan wall so people could put the rules on it or even say thx to the clan/whatever. Such a simple feature like this strangely helps out a lot.

    6) Clan drops. Maybe not so much this but still it was good. The last ebs (boss ebs) would have a rare item drop that would unlock an eb that would pay pretty good. The only way to unlock these well paying ebs would to do the ones at the top of its tier over and over agin until you get the drop - no way around it. The drop would then unlock the eb (you can't run the eb at all if you don't have the item). Something like this is a nice gesture and the gap between payers and non payers would make no difference here cause you canny buy your way to these ebs. You gotta put in the effort cause the drops were rare and you just had to keep on doing them over and over again. This would also benefit players of all stats, not just the big players.

    7) player bio. Maybe not so much as well but it was still a cool feature. Under your status bar you had a bio (more or less the same as a clan bio) where you could say whatever you want in 1k words. Mostly art would go in here but sometimes players would put whatever they want. This may seem pointless but still it was a good feature, but I guess most kaw players will not like this one cause they've never seen it in action.

    I know that some of you kaw players despise and hate gaw for what it was because you heard that it 'failed'. I completely understand if you hate all of these, but ones like the regain is a no brainier help to all players. Thanks for reading, and I'd like to know which points some of you support down below

    ...actually all that sounds good 
  3. 3 is stupid. Easy to see if a player is offline or online, makes for an easy strip check.
  4. Damn. I miss gaw so much.
  5. I was expecting to see a blank thread
  6. #kawgoals
  7. I myself made a list of reason(s) KaW is better than GaW.

    1.KaW isn't dead, yet.

    And well yeah that's pretty much it.
  8. That is an excellent reason.
  9. Yeh number 3 is the dumbest idea all month. The rest of it would be alright I suppose.
  10. 2 would make strips useless.

    3 was already implemented and removed.

    4 is dumb just set a timer.

    6 is a little thing called seal of the damned.
  11. Most of that sounds nice. I'd like my online/offline private tho.
    I thinks crews would be awesome. (I never played gaw beyond downloading it for a day) it seems like a pm with multiple ppl, and sharing nf?
  12. Yep that's why kaw is more popular makes more money and is still running smothly unlike gaw :lol:
  13. I think all of these things should be implemented into KaW. The feature where you can check if your friends are online is kinda weird though tbh
  14. So r u. Wut u ganna do naow?
  15. support all but 6, wouldn't b a terrible idea but we have a simliar setup with eq being dropped from ebs needed to b used on certain bars in higher level ebs already.
  16. 4) I think that happens due to hf glitch (correct me if I'm wrong) which is actually a benefit because you get extea bottom hits plus one extra bottom regen hit that will make you earn even more than skimming.
  17. Oh, I loved the Bio idea, though. So many things can be written or draw there!!!!!!!! *-* .
  18. No its always happened
  19. Oh, I see. However happened to my alt after putting that hf level one building. If I remember well...
  20. Must be a short list considering Gaw died..

    Nice thread