the takeover of world chat.

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  1. The DoD's have taken over kaw! they prepared their army and are now waging a war in world chat against our mods and devs :shock:

    just an example of their attacks

    now to see how large their army is..

    dear god..
    there's 50.

    so, 50 alts have been, to our entertainment, bypassing and spamming wc while the mods frantically swat them away, one silence at a time. :lol:

    he probably already is. nonetheless, #dodfordev

    however, even kings fall sometime.

    ..but, DoD rose from the grave and avenged himself.


    me too buddy. me too.
  2. Dod be going down as the greatest being in kaws Wc history. Right next to Benny.

  3. #Dod4Dev
  4. Support
  5. Hey licons ad is still open!!! Take advantage !!!
  6. This was the best wc I've seen in a while
  7. LONG LIVE DOD #KingofKaw
  8. WC just stopped
  9. This is honestly one of the best things ever lol.

  10. Lol screenshot of my postÓźí
  11. Maybe DoD is the reincarnation of Spragga.

    (before they all get ip banned)
  12. Kaw got silenced for ending the DoD streak
  13. DoD shall always be remembered as the one who beat kaw!

  14. Did anyone screenshot?
  15. chaos, im stealing that ss rly quick :lol:
  16. With pleasure man!
  17. Looks like kaw perma banned all of DoD accounts :/
  18. #Dod4Dev
  19. I saw that clan like 2 weeks ago while looking for a clan to sneak some hte from. I wondered what that was about. There were only like 42 of them then though. I figured it was some lb player getting a bunch of accounts to drop volley their hte earnings