The Swarmlantern's Fire

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Can we get both banners or just 1?
  2. You can get both. They form from two different medallion items.
  3. I love the banners, way to go. More trading the better.
  4. Awesome job creating more exploits for for the charm farmers. How did Black Friday and the holiday promos go for ATA?

    Charms still suck, are huge exploits, so is this....change my mind or I keep all my dimes.
  5. Why aren’t medallions visible in showcase?

    Yes, I’ve looked thru every category and scrolled down to the end.

    I can see them in the trad the interface, but not in the showcase.

    OMG KaW apocalypse plz help kkthxbb
  6. They're under "permanent items" near the bottom of your profile. They do show up in the trade window as well, but not in showcase.
  7. Got 50 volana’s medallions but didn’t get banner lol,sent a help ticket
  8. Same here Jamie78
  9. Hopefully ata gives us other banner for free 
  10. Got 50 volana medallions too and they disappeared with no banners. Help
  11. Restarted KaW and got the banner
  12. Shout make the banner unlimited tear so money player will open more chess lol
  13. I have 9 useless walls from the chests but not as many medallions. Bad random number generator
  14. Devs can we have couple of side Legends to earn some few more Traders Tokens in order to purchase Sky Continent Tokens for banner upgrade..?
  15. Please
  16. That would be nice, or increase drop rate from regular chest, Ive opened 6 royal chest the last couple days, and only 2 drops of trader tokens, both those were only 50 each. Have banner to lvl 4, and only needing 250 trader tokens, unfortunately, unless drop rate of tokens in regular chest increase, or another means to optain trader tokens is available I guess I will have to settle for lvl 4 banner, as drop rate seems to be for tokens from royals, I wont be bothering opening any more!
  17. I’m happy with my lvl 4 banner. It’s free so I’m satisfied
  18. Will trades tokens be transferred over to the next event or is it best to use them before this event is over?
  19. Trader's Tokens won't expire, so you can use them in the next event. Some of the items in the store will leave the store, while others will remain.