The Swarmlantern's Fire

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  1. Are the Tokens of Sky Continent tradable??
  2. For those of you out there complaining, I have already gotten the banner.

    Completely free player here $0 spent. Opened normal boxes and royal boxes using nobs from the "Free nob offers". Traded volana for the traders medallion I wanted.

    I do think I was pretty lucky with the boxes though. Medallion drops ranges from 1-5 per box (I actually got 5x medallion drop from opening a normal box lul).
  3. Btw iirc the upgrade for each level of banner increases by 0.75%.
  4. I have opened all 10 free boxes I earned for a total of 1 volana medallion, plus two royal boxes for 1 medal of each type.
    There is no way I can possibly get the banner without forking out cash.
  5. No
  6. You can always trade your charms like I did to get the banner.
  7. trade your icetail charm out and your pet , sure people will trade them for medallions 
  8. You're right, maybe I should create 100 alts and get 2 tril in charms then all of this will be no problem. Thanks for your encouragement!
  9. If you need 2tril in charms to get 50 medallions, you’re being overcharged 
  10. I am dissapointed. You cant max out the Banner without opening Royals so far...
  11. Anyone can post the amount of material needed for upgrading the banners?
    Im not sure if i go for a banner at all right now. This info would be helpful for a decision.
  12. Tokens per upgrade was posted in this thread.
  13. i dont have 100 alts or 2T in charms lol

    however my current banner is better stats than this events maxed so i do have spare medallions im happy to trade with you for some of your charms - just hmu
  14. Great thx! Sorry didnt See it.

    Hmm so 86 in total needed...
  15. The banner is gay but still thank free stuff
  16. Actually i have to disagree:
    Both banners (your asw and the new ones) have 17% cs.
    Yours is balanced and since your built cs are little mored concentrated in spy-even with sdt- the new trader-banner would give you a slightly higher total cs bonus than the asw especially in sd. Just saying

    Btw the asw-one is more stylish ofc
  17. Would it be possible to know whether the medallions and trader tokens are for this event only or will they be of use / available in the future? Apologies if I’ve missed the answer to this.
  18. ATA always keeps banners event specific.

    Not speaking on there behalf just going by the history of event related banners.
  19. Great event and stuff but only gripe I have is that even through doing legends and all you still cant accumulate enough trader tokens to max banner unless if you open royal chests! This is annoying and I understand the medallion aspect you can trade for them but I think there should have been at least enough trader tokens to be able to at least max out the banner!