The Swarmlantern's Fire

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Yes. So i casted for war and there was no match for like 4-6 clans of people. Do we get compensation or do we just swallow the pill? I mean it kinda was a waste but oh well
  2. How come we get rewarded for collecting 1 medallion but not the other
  3. The trader tokens are pretty low payout, but still defintely a step in the right direction. Support
  4. The next legend is to collect 1 of the other medallion.
  5. Can you fix the box pay out... really don’t be greedy thx
  6. Which box pay out, and is there an issue or do you feel that drops are low?
  7. The low token pay out. Making this a blatant cash grab to force players to buy royal keys.
  8. New banner, cool. Thanks devs
  9. Bought 2 Royal Keys and no Volana’s medallions from 2 normal and 2 royals Winston 
  10. Some EA tactics going down here.
  11. Lets assume you get a token every chest you open. For free youll get just over half the tokens beedes to get a banner. Meaning youll need to spend a minimum of 20$ or so to get the remaining tokens. This is without alts. Theyll sell for 100m or so each trading easily so the average player cant trade for these tokens. 50 is way too high of a req. Maybe like. 20
  12. Kaw has a serious alt farming problem, makes absolutely no sense to have an event that favors people with 50-100 alts.
  13. Thank you for replying back, I feel the free boxes or maybe was my luck got the low end drop.. but would hate to pay and get low also not sure if the rate drops got lowered on this event? Thx again
  14. Either drop rates need to increase on all boxes or the number of tokens needs to go down, it’s very unbalanced and difficult if you don’t have 30 alts
  15. I agree
  16. I agree
  17. Winston please consider to add in wars. The upgrade materials of old war banners thanks
  18. The value of the boxes are actually higher this event
  19. Chests can drop more than 1 token.
  20. You’re forcing us to open royals since we can only open 2 a day, and there isn’t even a guarantee that we get them