The Summoners' Circle

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. There is backstory to the event?
  2. Technically, yes.
  3. But people press the Next too fast. Devs should add option to replay quest dialogue.
  4. Nobody cares about quest dialogue. It gets you to the same chest and the same legends rewards. The dialogue is so pointless
  5. Maybe not "nobody", I do read the lore and legend quest text sometimes because I'm curious about the ATA thought process when it comes to event design and adherence to lore. That said, the same old collection mechanics(40K +side quests) gets boring quick. Hence why I ask for different formats. it is clear that ATA plans to stick to the events system, might as well get/ask for some variation in their types.
    Something similar to the community collection events would be a refreshing change!
  6. Guys, devs have to put on events for revenue. Like others have said, activity drops without them and in turn, so does revenue. But maybe if they actually went back to a war game like it’s meant to be, then they’d see some more active war participants.
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  8. Will there be War leaderboard?
  9. They are always war lb
  10. Does this equipment work?
  11. Actually it's the whole event that is influenced by a building. Last event was from a LL building (siege dragon). Before they mentioned abysmal cloaks from the Abyss, and before they mentioned the Black cat riders, from the HF.
  12. Yes caster please lurk and do nothing. Don’t talk to us or anything, just as if kaw team don’t care about us anymore.