The story of your enslavement

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  1. It's prima facie evidence,

    Of course someone from 1912 would know what's going on today if it's all planned for generations,

    When you read the post it is exactly what's going on

    Your parents are forced to register you at birth (biological property)

    They give "information" and they sign a pledge

    All the terms used are admiralty terms, "delivery room", "moms' water breaks", "birth canal"

    They are forced to sign a pledge, in legal terms pledge and pawn are synonymous which implies a trust is created

    They have no choice, if the parents do not voluntary sign the documents they're told they can't leave

    When people call and talk to vital statistics and ask if they're registering humans, they get very upset

    If they are registering humans we have slavery, they are adamant that they only register the events

    So the birth certificate does not identify the one presenting it, yet is demanded as identification mine says I'm 7 lbs

    What that does is makes us the surety for the estate, as duly registered agent for an instrumentality of government

    Your using trust certificates as the foundation for an ID card

    The trust itself is worth billions and we are all presumed dead after 7 years old

    That's why your name is always ALL CAPS which in English grammar is not allowed, so it can't be English and it can't be the name of a living man or woman

    Next thing in that post is social security, when you call social security to close the account they will tell you that you can't close it

    "that's not your number it's ours"

    So no living man or woman has a birth certificate, and no one has a social security number

    Even the irs says all taxpayers are cestui que trusts, so we are paying tax for using that trust

    All "W" forms are gifts an estate forms

    The cestui que vie act of 1666, says if man proves life he is revested with title

    All caps name is a memorial, like a tomb stone, it does not identify any living thing

    It is a "person" and a person is a legal entity that's not living

    This person is the name on our paychecks, homes, cars, bank accounts, all mail goes to the person, no one owns anything is always in trust and always in the name that dont represent the people

    What happened to the people, legally they're reduced in status to that of a fictional and corporeal thing intangible and with no human rights

    Capitus diminutio maxima, is Roman or aka "civil law" as the reduction of status and reduced to that of a slave all rights have been removed

    This is all voluntary, sure the registration is by force, but no one is required to use it

    So we all volunteer to be surety for a trust estate, pay all its bills, answer all charges, pay the tickets, and go to jail for it too

    We all open the mail that's not addressed to us and has a zip code on it, zip codes are federal districts and voluntary

    There are no state citizens, only residents and United States citizens

    Resident is a temporary condition, you're only in that state for work and when your done working you will return to your domicile

    All persons are domicile in United States (District of Columbia)

    If all men are equal, then why did Congress create a second class of people with the 14th amendment

    No one is equal, is all about status because it's all private Roman law under UNIDROIT

    I know how it sounds, it's designed that way, they've undone the revolution and turned the district of Columbia into a corporation

    It's a penal colony, it has been since the Civil War, we use military scrip in place of money

    They've been under economic emergency for 70 years, and no effort is taken to fix the problem

    Under emergency powers the constitution is suspended, everyone who thinks they have any god given rights is labeled a domestic terrorist

    All statutes begin with "any person who" when judges are enforcing mere statutes they become clerks for the agency (prosecution) and have no discretion, but act ministerially

    They all wear a mourning robe, and drag you into probate court, someone is civilly dead and you stand up when they call the name

    You go forward and they still have to ask you who you are, they want you to testify you are the trust res, you're the subhuman non-living thing held in trust

    Then they judge you incompetent and a ward of the court and force legal representation into you

    All while never proving jurisdiction, there is no plaintiff because the state can not appear, the state is a franchise of United States and all state law is federal law

    The state has no arms or legs and you can not face your acuser, it's in corporeal, a fiction, it exists only in the mind of psychopaths

    It's like parallel universe, entirely fraud based all on hear say evidence that you provide

    Name, date of birth, photo ID, is all hearsay and is not admissible, unless you provide it

    Conviction is a strong belief

    Everything you register you give up equitable title to it

    You register your home, your car, your guns, your children, and yeah you guessed it your vote

    Only us citizens can vote and you register that vote so they'll decide who you vote for, they even count the vote for you,
    what happened to we the people?

    No people are allowed to vote only the second class citizen

    We the citizens didn't pen the constitution

    Only us citizens can be on a jury

    The state can not diminish the rights of the people, but the citizen that's a different thing, a citizen is a subject

    Subject is synonymous with slave

    You have no say in creating statutes, you pay tax and have no say in how it's spent

    You are guilty until proven innocent

    Congress has plenary (dictatorship) powers over the district of Columbia and all citizens are in the district of Columbia, and United States is the district of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico etc, etc

    It don't matter if you are digging ditches in Siberia you still have to pay the irs

    Even if you go to the moon you still are subject to Congress
  2. We came from an alien race that enslaved us for a very long time. We received land after we did our time. They gave us earth...Funny how life is a circle
  3. Well I'm not going to quote that convoluted passage of nonsense. I consider myself fairly well educated and to me you just composed a long trail of dodging a concrete claim. Not one small paragraph linked with another. You flittered from talking about being considered a domicile in DC (because it is independent of the 50 states for a reason and was always intended to be government property not state property, Americans are resident owners in states) to connecting rough translations of roman phrases into your conspiracy theories.

    You cannot feasibly say that all the events of the past 100 years were planned. That would mean that every single inventor to change the world was in line with the American government. Any medicinal wonder found abroad was inputted in that country by our government? The atom bomb, the personal computer, the smart phone, they were all already invented before WW1?

    You, my friend, are a genius. Truly.
  4. Every president is related to eachother, how is that even possible in a democracy, it's all just a show,

    I don't see what smart phones, atom bombs, or medical inventions has to do with anything

    What is outlined in the plot against America in the original post is for the British agents (Bar attorneys) to gain jurisdiction and subject the people to arbitrary rule, because they removed the 13th amendment to be able to hold office

    The definitions are taken from Blacks law 5th edition

    To atorn is to turn to another master, can't have 2 masters, it's the crown temple bar
  5. Just give a copy of all this to your doctor bro he will fix you up with a script for some weed to cure your ills. Or he may give you what he's on which is probably better anyway.
  6. You are very special
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  8. Over-zealous mod here.

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