The Stone Emperors: Twin Paths to Glory

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  1. Whilst this event is an awesome idea. I'm noticing I'm getting nothing for assassinating and only for steals. Not good as a PS. Is this a deliberate mech?
  2. A few questions

    1: are you supposed to earn the PvP thingys with each successful hit? I've only got 1 off my first action and haven't gotten any after that

    2: do they only come from attacks? Or other actions like scout and assass too?

    3: what is to stop me from hitting an alt account?
  3. War rewards have been increased from The Great Bone Hunt!
  4. Yissssss
  5. So can someone reach both leader boards and receive both rewards?
  6. It's technically possible but it wouldn't be easy.
  7. Please clafiry for me. Can you get the banner through pvp or is it eb only and shoulders are pvp only?
  8. But you can only get one piece of equipment and one banner?
  9. The rewards for the Path of the Hunter (PVE) and the Path of the Arena (PVP) are the exactly the same (with the exception of the achievement you receive). You can get both the Shoulders and Banners by doing PVE OR PVP.

    You can only receive one of the SAME equipment/banner.
  10. Devs i am beyond proud of you right now
    :) thanks for this great event!
    Hope u make loads off it and get great feedback this may be the best even yet
  11. Im being trolled
  12. We're thrilled to hear this. Have fun!
  13. Kaw_community or kaw_admin, is it only via attack and steal that drops are possible? Assassinations are seeming to yield nothing however wondering if this can be clarified.
  14. Dev secret account.
  15. Sounds like kaw is feeling chipper lol I take it like most promos the higher the eb the higher the payout, correct? So hte would be one of the best ebs for promo payout?
  16. Nevermind. I read back! My bad.
  17. Why no building tokens or spyglass's for the rewards??? Those were nice to get.
  18. May I point out how revealing those pants are
  19. [​IMG]
  20. I already have 79