The Stone Emperors: Twin Paths to Glory

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  1. I have to say the number of Game Pelts dropping ' pro-rata ' is ridiculous. They seem to far outweigh the other items. Can the drops be evened out more please devs. I have 153 pelts yet no nails and only a few of the other items.
    Thank you.
  2. This is a pvp event , why no mithril reward instead of Aqua/ inferno?
  3. You already gain the possibility of earning 5 Mithril per action (randomly of course) with the gladiator blade spell mate.

    It does add up! :)
  4. EB's don't drop mithril. Use your sword well n mith will drop for u GL
  5. Wow, just opted in, 1 fb of hits and steals, and 192 favors.

    Thanks ATA. :p

  6. Same drop rate as seals from haunting now, got 100 mith in first 2 days, not a drop since.
  7. ^ thats double my total mith already
  8. Can I cast spells on this equipment?
  9. I feel like you need to re-evaluate the number of troohies needed to get tier rewards. What i mean is atm u have it where 1k trophies gets same prize as 1k favours. Well thats not fair bc favours r so much easier to get. Favours lb is at top 1k already over 4k. Trophies is at around 250. Imo u need to drastically reduce trophies for tier rewards or drastically increase favours
  10. They are seperate events since you have taken the pve path you should be looking at the hunters lb not favor lb to see your standing.
  11. And I would like to give my 2 cents about to the rewards system I think you should get rid of the top 1000 and top 500 tier and replace them with milestones like you have for people who reach what is it 250 500 1000. The reason for this is I have seen many of the same people in this pvp event with a sword who have held on it for hours and hours while I cannot steal one or craft one. With just one day that we cannot grab a sword and double our drops other who make or take a sword and keep it are hours and hours make about 1.5-2k a day while those of us without it make a little less than a 1k. Do you see the gap it creates? People like me who were close to top 500 than got knocked down to top 1000k and now probably dropped off top 1k really have no other motive in pushing forward because the gap is getting to big for us to event try to continue and compete with the rest. Lets be honest we all want to continue to participate and earn new banners/equip while you all want to grind us of our paychecks :lol: so give us a motive to spend our paychecks, strech out milestone rewards above 1k I think most wont care if make it a some what crazy number to achieve... Well except those who constantly cry about everything but atleaast make it where we can grab a middle equipment and a basic flag.
  12. God that took forever to type on a phone :lol:
  13. What im saying is its not fair for those that chose the pve route. Me personally ill just opt in last day n alt farm for 1k thatll b no sweat. Which brings another issue. Devs r basically giving out 1k favour equipment for free. It dont take even a day to get 1k favours
  14. Great pvp/pve. Event this time well planed out love it keep them coming just like this one.

  15. It's NOT free. PvP opt-ins are perm farm targets for the remainder of the event. Choose the eb path, dont get hit. Choose the PvP side, we get hit, pots deplete, bank in bronze bars losing 1/3rd of what we do make trying to not get hit.. Its not a walk in the park like you think.
  16. I made 2k in a day with a sword lol
  17. 2 weeks is a bit long 6 days left I'm already bored with it other then that it's a good event
  18. Milestones were best for events

  19. Yup. Needs more, many many more. I'm on 11k favors, purely through high activity (no less sleep than normal either)
  20. I like to see more milestone,s personally i do not care if it is some crazy high number as long as it is reachable by the end of an event ill buy a a bag full of xtals to reach it :lol: im not say make it easy either but hey thats just my thought.