The Stone Emperors: Twin Paths to Glory

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  1. Hes just butthurt that he stinks at ebs. Thats why its called kingdoms at WAR, noob :) War is the objective. You want a path to equipment you fight for it.

    I instructed all of my newbies to join the pvp side and learn osw mechanics early. They are enjoying it, knowing that the EB is secondary to getting Favors.

  2. Im fairly certain ive got 99% of eb equip and ive given up spending on this app because of these events that only cater to running HTE's.As have a number of friends,looking at the low numbers on the trophy lb many accs have stopped spending also unless things change this app will not see the year out.
  3. 890 battles losses. You must be a real off system war and pvp veteran. Stupid noob.
  4. Its called a reset.
  5. Many have known this game is about spending your way to the LB for a long time. At least the entire time I've been around. And it's still here. Perhaps, even as a noob speaking to a giant account, I can give you some advice. Make war, meeting people, and having fun your goals. Not a two week LB, or even the real one.
  6. @ iGalaxy

    I see you have 5yrs in i'll be 3 in a couple of months with 2 of my accounts and 8 months on another so you know that its only been in the last yr to a year and a half that KAW has become a p2w app .To war in this game you need to be on pc (bs FB required) or ร  fast device with a fast server which isnt availiable and im not spending xtra $'s to pay for a 3g service to waste money on the so called screwed up wars here.Friends i have met and continue to meet but its sad to see a #1 app slowly sinking into obscurity it had a lot of potential.
  7. Surely you haven't forgotten how often we said the leaderboard was simply nobbing for gold and crystals. It's been a money maker. Remember the 20k in a day someone spent? Unless I finally lost it, that was before EBs right?
  8. When I started it was all eb's and no promo's wc was full of ads for any eb no HTE'S monthly mith sales and a lot of clan families,these so called EE wars came in and the clans started to break apart,I was in the NCU Family then the so called promo HTE was introduced and the game started it's downwards slide.Now it's a constant stream of events catering to HTE this in my mind indicates the the devs greed just feeds off the players easy route to gold.
  9. When I started Emeth was blowing people's minds and Corinthian and mccc were starting up the OSF. And there've been allegations of the LB nobbing there way up since just about then. Maybe a tiny bit later than that, to be generous.

    *And you do realize you can do the PvP side too right? No seals, and you can live without the pleas.
  10. Only the big accounts have a shot at rewards since the update is giving them 70+ favor drops compared to the 20 that smaller account get. Also yes they added the so called pvp route but also added the pay to win pvp equal to hte: imperial plea. Costs the same as a seal and doubles favor drop. Now this obvious pay to win money grab would be somewhat bareable if it didn't stack with the gladiator sword trippling favor drops. All of that in mind you have the pay to win 24 xtals a day with triple favor drops and people are farming huge pure spy alts. Event is absolute crap.
  11. Every mobile freemium game has pay to win events. Zynga runs them non-stop on their games. As long as there are people willing to drop 100$ every couple of days for a virtual item on a mobile game, there will be pay to win events.

    The mentality of what makes makes "winning the game" needs to change. Everyone's focused on being in the LB or the top winner of an event. The kaw sandbox is pretty big, you can choose how to play however you want. Enjoyment in the game is how to win, not the numbers you get in an event.

    Edit - my philosophy is to just spend what you feel comfortable with to give back to the developers to help server maintenance and upkeep. Like a "value for value" model. If you enjoy kaw and enjoy having a place to socialise with your clan, and have a war game based around your chat room, then its worth some type of monthly donation. Thats all these events are meant to be. People do take the spending to an unhealthy obsession.
  12. Wish you guys would have doable goals above the 1k mark but under top 1k. Which is impossible for most of us obviously, lol
  13. I think they decresed favor drops too 3rd half bar in s row with no favor drop fix it fix it now :lol:
  15. Look at lbs years played and their battle loses roni has more battle loses than them of course people buy their way up to lb
  16. Sushiking is the exception there, lots of losses.

    Plus let's be honest, that's roni. She's crazy. No offense roni๎’๎’๎’.

    She fail bombed me for like a month straight.
  17. Let's put this into perspective I have 55 trophies 25 of which from a EE war. Yet I was in pvp side for not even a day and hit the 1000 tier reward... Seems kinda simple to find which way to go. Ohwell people will be people.
  18. I made 2 brand new accounts and hit 1k in an hour on both just land tricking and unloading on the other lol.

    The 1k goal is a literal joke.
  19. I have collected imperial favors so easily on one account yet on this account 1000 trophies seems impossible without max xtals and seals everyday.u can earn twice as many favor with the same effort.please fix..ty