The Stone Emperors: Twin Paths to Glory

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  1. So many nerfs, it feels like a new champ release on league of legends.
  2. Support
  3. I'm gonna win with 34
  4. Rekt
  5. End this event a week early please and do not start another until you folks can get your crap together. Thanks.
  6. "No support as a hansel in this pvp event it is hard enough already as it is finding a target my size to dump troops on as most hansels are dtw. If they do put this ill just unload on quests for nobs and xtals for the next events. Eb is the quickest way for to pin ourselfs and make gold rather than bash our troops on a huge attack build and lose everytime to self pin."

    The changes I propose actually INCREASE the chance of finding targets your size to dump troops on.

    And the reason I propose the change is that most people once they get the sword immediately dump all their troops and hit from pin to keep the sword....and who do they dump on? hansels like you!

    Believe me, i'm a balanced mid, and get far less inc than my spy-heavy alt. This change would not favor my main because a balanced build can always find a hansel to pick on!

    See where I'm going with this? easier solution would be to simply make sword-wielders unpinnable, I'm sure that would be abused by spoilsports hitting their alts.
  7. I actually do that bottom part as a last resort lol
  8. Is there gonna be more events like this?
  9. I hope not 
  10. 
  11. It's better than most of the other events
  12. They sucked
  13. Quetzal event was the best.
  14. Dear Kawcom,

    I suggest we take the system that has been used for this event and keep it on perm. To make this a full time deal. A few modifications would have to be made. The highest on the list would be opt in time reduced to 24 hours. I would like your thoughts and the input from the kawmunity.


  15. Just looking at the two LB ' S tells you how this event is skewed even the HTE clans aren't getting the numbers most eb's give next to nothing on drops a Epic Fail.
  16. how do you mean? the two sides aren't competing with each other, why does it matter that the pvp side has higher numbers?
  17. Would I be able to earn say both a 10% and a 5% plunder if I participate in each path?
  18. Fairly certain redstar is top 10 of both sides
  19. It may be separate events but numbers count and i doubt anyone running reg ebs arent on the trophy lb the highest count in my clan will be lucky to reach 1st lev rewards.KAW should be put in the pay setion of the app playstore not the free section as the only way to even compete in these promos is through p2w.
  20. You clearly don't know how to play KaW if you think it is p2w. I myself have spended only $9 in KaW and have been in lbs for some events. Top 1k= lb. You have to learn to play the game smart. PS. Highest I have made in lb was top 500 on shards event. :)