The Stone Emperors: Twin Paths to Glory

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  1. I'm an idiot. Ignore me.
  2. We don't get why you don't get that it's actually better gear.
    The non enchanted one is better.
  3. It's ok lol, seems like kaw confused many on that one, you're not alone.
  4. I get that the equipment is enchanted and that's why it's better. What I do not get is why they couldn't have all of the unenchanted equipment rewards first and then move into enchanted ones. The equipment drop for the 500 collection is roughly 9.7m/5.5m/6.9m/4.1m whereas the one for collecting 1000 is roughly 7.5/4.3/5.4/3.2 (mil). No extra bonuses on the 1000 armor. It's worse. This doesn't make sense to me. Or am I just dumb still?
  5. HEY DEVS!


    A successful defense against a sword-holder could grant a shield buff (let's say 5 minutes or so) that breaks swords. Hitting an EB should also give a chance of losing swords.
    (this would discourage all the spamming of targets to quickly pin and keep sword)

    payouts should scale in part to actual difficulty of attack, ( The same algorithm used to determine success or failure could be used.) and partly to total strength. T
    This discourages the incessant farming of imbalanced folks, while still making it make sense to hit a way bigger imbalanced opponent....and encourages people to pick on someone their own size. farming someone down 100% to pin would pay less than hitting 2 identical opponents to 50%
    because hitting a nearly-pinned opponent will pay less than hitting that same opponent while they are full.
    It helps prevent statless alt farming because easy hits on big guys will pay less than they otherwise would (although they'd still pay well)
    Essentially, more risk = more reward.
  6. The devs want you to spend money to get the best gear. It's probably still quite possible to get there without spending anything but every waking moment. :?
  7. Or...just notice that unless your in top 100 or higher...there's better equipment to be had without the time or effort or moolah. Better equipment at all tier levels would incentivize....or am I missing something on this?
  8. I like these ideas. Support for future events.
  9. I like this events theme. However I do think it is a little too long for my taste for me to be competitive. Which makes me not spend money on it.

    I like this theme, but thought the sherds were cooler. The fact you could take them was appealing. Even though that didn't go my way. It was cut throat and enjoyable.

    The cut throat aspect of this game is what attracted me to begin with.
  10. Was there an update to event? Not lb but like changes features?
  11. Do we win PvE bonus spell AND PvP bonus spell or only the one we are participate in?
  12. No support as a hansel in this pvp event it is hard enough already as it is finding a target my size to dump troops on as most hansels are dtw. If they do put this ill just unload on quests for nobs and xtals for the next events. Eb is the quickest way for to pin ourselfs and make gold rather than bash our troops on a huge attack build and lose everytime to self pin.
  13. Also for the sword to break on eb thats like us hansels requesting that attack builds be place on a 5 min time out for sitting on us for a sword :lol:
  14. Not only did the screw event up, they greatly reduced chanced to get mith from attacks.
  15. Many people have got no drops of mith after hours with a sword. Mith was the only other thing that drove is to PvP, and you take it away, without any notice or explanation?
  16. Maybe next time they should take sword away and keep it as simple as possible since everyone wants to cry over everything. No sword no mith just attack and steal actions to get the items. :roll:
  17. Good idea, let's devs make pvp as classic like you said. No bonuses. Classic PvP event and nothing is stolen, for instance items like favors can't be stolen. So, no one complain.
  18. Just give us the reward for the highest spot we'd made on lb at ANY time in the event 0.0
  19. Sounds good to me this way people can stop crying and moaning about every little thing, we all want something but guess what we all can't have what we want that is life. I would rather have a classic pvp take all the spells and swords away.