The Stone Emperors: Twin Paths to Glory

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  1. fair point
  2. Dev's sort the failure of mith pay outs since you "adjusted" the favor payout a few hours ago...Since then ive not had a single drop of mith and neither has anyone else ive asked with a sword, Its not like u ever compensate us for such occurences these days!! u just say oh sorry people keep supporting us buy more xstals we're doing our best, Hmmmmm maybe but is that good enough?? I suggest not sometimes peace out nubs
  3. Thanks for the change. Was rough only getting 3 if lucky
  4. I have been getting 9 favors a hit now. Better than the 1-4 I got before
  5. Developers, nice addition to increase the drops for "Imperial Favour". It benefits all players whom are in PvP and those whom decide to join it at a later date. If the drops increase more, that would be great.

    As to the Hunter Trophies. Would Hunter Trophy drops increase as well?
  6. i hope they dont. i approved of the ease of getting favors because it encourages people to learn a bit of pvp. (note i didn't say "do" pvp). if more people learn how to fight, and learn that their builds are not capable of winning a fight, maybe the landscape of kaw will change for the better.
  7. How do people that get 500 hunter trophies, get better equipment than the people that get 1000 hunter trophies?
  8. Read twice, one is max enchanted one is not
  9. The equipment is enchanted so it's better. But I agree. This doesn't make sense. Collect less and get a better equipment drop. I guess it's because you get more Aqua/inferno/a crystal but still...
  10. I see thanks.
  11. Yeah
  12. The reward at 500 is a +10 item, the one at 1000 is +0. Max stats are better on the higher reward tier. You just need to enchant it.
  13. So the equip at 500 is still better?
  14. Can you read? I said I get this. I MEANT that this doesn't make much sense to me. Collect less favors/hunter trophies and get a better equipment drop? What?
  15. Compare both at max enchantment and tell me which you'd rather have.
  16. unfortunately enchanting event eq is expensive and difficult.
  17. Ok I see now.
  18. That's irrelevant. It doesn't make sense to go up a tier and receive a worse piece of equipment in the first place.
  19. U make no sense.
    Better eq when enchanted.
    Either read the post or ppls answer