The Sleepless Spire Legend Drops

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  1. Epic Battle Legend Drops

    Hello, and welcome to this thread.

    Here is a list of all which epic battles that drop which event items, in the currently ongoing legend, where you are collecting Flame of Chastisement. If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for the thread, feel free to tell me in this thread or on my wall! :)

    Consecrator's Bowl

    The Netherking [MAX 2,352]

    Warbeasts [MAX 23]
    Kingdom Assault [MAX 46]
    The Depraved [MAX 275]
    Revenge of the Warbeasts [MAX 73]

    The Awakening [MAX 27]
    The Forgotten Ones [MAX 71]

    Abandoned Kingdom [MAX 40]
    Battle Royale [MAX 121]

    No Mans Land [MAX 213]
    Ambush [MAX 112]

    No Quarter [MAX 284]
    City of the Dead [MAX 346]
    Haunting: The Escape [MAX 235]

    Talons of Carnage [MAX 243]
    Sporavek's Revenge [MAX 403]

    Terrain Travails [MAX 468]

    The Viper's Den [MAX 342]

    Wasteland Wilds [MAX 540]
    The Sleeping Giant [MAX 810]

    Zelgarad the Accursed [MAX 382]

    Smoke Signals [MAX 765]
    A Familiar Foe [MAX 585]

    Lignabelua of the Lowlands [MAX 1,350]

    The Labyrinth of Zoma [MAX 450]

    Lupher's Powder

    The Netherking [MAX 2,352]

    Cover of Night [MAX 31]
    To the Chamber [MAX 110]
    Revenge of the Warbeasts [MAX 73]

    The Despair [MAX 72]
    The Reckoning [MAX 171]

    Foreign Territories [MAX 21]
    Origins [MAX 202]

    Evanescence [MAX 123]
    The Destroyer [MAX 180]

    The Haunting [MAX 123]
    Figure of Death [MAX 380]
    Haunting: The Escape [MAX 235]

    New Growth [MAX 337]
    Scionic Storm [MAX 378]

    The Barren Orchard [MAX 146]
    Crossing the Threshold [MAX 321]
    The Gilded Lord [MAX 643]

    Storm the Palace [MAX 189]
    A Cold Calling [MAX 504]

    The Frozen City [MAX 270]
    Glacial Squall [MAX 572]

    Zelgarad the Accursed [MAX 382]

    The Summoner [MAX 675]
    A Sacrifice of Flesh [MAX 1,350]

    Ghomorax of the Highlands [MAX 1,395]

    Not Found Out Yet

    Cave of Riches [MAX 321]

    Desert Sting [MAX 504]

    For more information about epic battles, go to the Epic Battles Guide.

    Thanks a lot! :)

  2. TSG drops bowl confirmed at united_fate. Thanks chocolate makes the drops nice and easy to find this way 
  3. Asof drops powder zoma drops bowl 
  4. Haunts drops powder, AFF drops bowl
  5. Dest and Stp drop powder,
    TFO, BR, and Nml bowls
  6. FoD and Evenescence drops powder
  7. STP drops powder
  8. Thread updated! Thanks for the help guys! :)
  9. ToC = Bowls
  10. No Quarter - Consecrator's Bowl .
  11. Origins- Luphes' Powder
  12. I know this is a little late, as the event is almost over, but I've finally got to update the list. Hopefully I'll be able to be quicker the next event! :)
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