The Sleeper of Elrengoth Forest

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  1. Hi Gregory(for the umpteenth time):
    Now I'm sure some people are pacified by your sincere apology. However, it does not encapsulate the scale of your screwup. According to the original post this forum, the top 100/50/10 in war would receive special equipment. I tried to clarify this a few times but received no response (rip I don't spend sorry). Going to support, they finally told me that the warrers would not receive equipment. However,the event was already 70% through. If I'd known for sure that the war event would in fact not provide any equip, I could've worked towards the breastplate. And now I just have shoulders. Of course you arent gonna reply to me (reiterating that oh no I don't fund your yacht) but I can't collect main event rewards atm and the front page STILL states that war equipment will be given.
    Edit: rewards claimed but can't enchant equipment.
  2. *popcorn eating intensifies*

    Who else wants some? 
  3. Yep yep, I've been duped too
  5. You are correct, this is a mistake I made when making this event. I spent so much time on Fullmoon Dew and The Old Man Epic Battle that wars were left behind. The event forum post is based off of a template, this is an extraordinarily unfortunate text artifact that happened to highlight the insufficient war rewards in The Sleeper of Elrengoth event. If we ran another event in this style, would you prefer equipment rewards on the war leaderboards, or a parallel piece of equipment like Birchbark Relic for wars? I'd be happy to hear any other suggestions or criticisms.
  6. You know other games when admin screwed up they usually give them items not take back. It's been four years of kawing, this is worst resolution.
  7. So not sure what I did wrong here Got the pauldrons, I can equip them but when I try to upgrade them with the chips, it says that I need 6k worth of dew. You still working on getting the bugs out after the event is done or is this a waste of time
  8. All that work and no equipment!
  9. Maybe the only rewards should be PvP related.. you could 'spend so much time' on them that you neglect the rest of the game..

    That would be an interesting swap around for kingdoms at WAR wouldn't it
  10. My only statement is I started the day after release was bored and searching for a game, now I doubt you will ever listen to any of us but here it goes, I fell in love with this game couldn't stop playing it and still can't because I care for it, I have a amazing computer a nice home and a car I spent less on buying my home and car and all my stuff than I have on this game, did you even pay attention to your community this year? Its half the size as last year, because y'all got greedy, here let me explain it better, the more you make US PAY the more of US THAT LEAVE meaning your actually loosing money!, have a good time destroying the game a lot of us love, just remember y'all may have made the game, but we love it too and we made you.
  11. I collected over 17,000 Fullmoon dew and never received my Breastplate of a Druid Champion. Instead I received Druid's Prepiat. Is this going to be fixed please?!?
  12. I collected 10K Dew, received breastplate from preview - lost it via Devs and still waiting for its return
  13. I've had no issues with the dew and haven't tried collecting rewards yet so no problems for me. :lol:
    Thanks for apologizing and yes this event was a bit rocky but it's different. And that's what we want. We want new interesting things. Even if they start off a bit rocky! Keep it up! :)
  14. In order to receive the breastplate, you would have had to collect about 34.5k dew. There was some confusion about the preview tab, because it did not take into account that the costs that are listed, were in fact the cost of the next piece. You had to get the breastplate by getting enough to get the piece before it, and then it cost 10,000 dew.
  15. I never received my ring for this event
  16. You have the ring currently equipped...
  17. When can we enchant the items?!?
  18. To clarify:
    House = cardboard box
    Good computer = Intel i1 with integrated graphics card
    Nice car = Toyota Taz with no wheels or engine
  19. Should be later today.