The Skyborne Shipyard

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  1. I always get 1 free offer. That gives me 4 nobs only. Can u give more offers for Android users?
  2. It would be nice to know up front if you can do one only or all of the timed EB sub legends. Last time all were available, so I like many others assumed the same this time. However you have stated that this time only a single choice is available. Either be consistent or provide guidelines up front
  3. It states it in the quest summary and quest details:

    "Make a choice: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Only one of these quest series can be completed."

    Whereas other quests have made different statements:

    "Do you want to complete EBs or War? Each quest series can be completed, so you could do both sides, but each quest has a cost."
  4. And now side event cost money to open,nice job devs.
    But its x-mas soon so guess you need some xtra cash
  5. Why are there no deep-mine plates this time around on anything but the Hard side legend? Last time had hundreds more than this one.

    Disappointing :/
  6. Black Friday events usually have boosted rewards compared to other events. There are still Deepmine tokens in the side stories of this event.

  7. So...basically your saying this event is lame compared to the last one. You get points for honesty.
  8. So what is the order of the eb’s if you choose the hard event?
    Battle Royale - 200 aqua
    The Barren Orchard - 200 inferno

    GOTH - 250 Deep Mine tokens
    NK - lamp of destiny