The Skyborne Shipyard

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  1. The Skyborne Shipyard

    "After months of research, your court magicians have discovered the means to activate an ancient portal to Osmon Rai that your armies unearthed a year ago.

    At last, you have an opportunity to spread your kingdom's influence to the sky continent, where you would be able to trade in goods and weaponry from around the world.

    Despite the potential danger, you board an airship and prepare to travel through the portal to see the endless horizon of Osmon Rai with your own eyes..."

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well three side-Legends that will unlock over the course of the next two weeks. You have to complete your previous side-Legend before unlocking the next one. You will also have more opportunities to acquire Aqua and Inferno from current Legends!

    This event will be available from Wednesday, December 5th until Wednesday, December 19th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Skyborne Shipyard will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Welkinaut Box and Royal Welkinaut Box.

  2. Always wanted a peacock
  3. Your so wet
  4. You're late. Event started like 30 mins ago @op
  5. Ty Winston.

    Anyone know if choice is repeatable, ie can make all choices just in series?

    Ty for assistance in advance.
  6. I believe you get one choice.
    Chose the medium.
    The rewards seem a lot better for the Hard,,,, lol
  7. Winston, why is the last eb legend cost a horn? I understand some long time players may have many in their inventory but some players may not have it, thus making them buy nobility and paying for something that should be reasonably attainable. I know there are free nobility offers but some of those do not work, as reported by some players. If the horn was tradeable , it could work but it is used to unlock the legend by having it in our inventory, which we cannot have due to it being a premium item.

    Either reconsider how to open the last eb to make it inclusive for all or have the horn drop in all ebs as you did the sickles, making it fair for all levels to obtain. Thanks.
  8. Just one choice is allowed for this series.
  9. There are many nobility offers that work, and any offer that is completed should get paid out. Players can contact the support from within that area for any assistance.
  10. You had me at Peacock 
  11. Winston I noticed the amount of osmon rai tokens being given dropped is this a mistake and supposed to be deep mine tokens or was the amount of rai tokens being given changed?
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    Winston’s got jokes lol
  13. Rewards for hard:
    200 aqua
    200 inferno
    400 osman tokens
    250 deepmine tokens
    1 lamp of destiny
    ??? Lamp drops after 2h nk, so not sure if there's more to the series yet. I'd guess not, nk seems like a decent stop point, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised :)
  14. So, basically, medium rewards were crap and they are now making legends pay to play if you weren’t lucky enough to have a horn lying around?

  15. Idk what medium tier rewards were :lol: was kinda hoping by posting hard tier others would post easy/med.
  16. Oh! Um,
    100 of aqua / inferno (like 100-200 (abyssal and osmon) and imperial stone.
    For someone like me, a waste of time and energy to complete and wasn’t even warned about rewards lol
  17. Just a random post from the king here !

    but if you have not realized this is a pay to play app at this point with non stop events that you have to pay to achieve top levels please just uninstall app at this point and save yourself years of complaining and frustration because it won’t change gl happy kawing
  18. If y’all complaining about doing offers for free nobs saying it’s fake...I’ve earned like 230nobs since yesterday. Do the free trials and cancel after you get nobs. Easiest ones.
  19. Let me guess, you are an iOS user living in the states?