The Siege of the Obsidian Kasar

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  1. The Siege of the Obsidian Kasar

    "A mere few hours after you and your party were abandoned in the middle of the Fatesands Desert, you have been captured again, this time by the Shasa, a race of cat-folk.

    You have no choice but to do the bidding of the Shasa general, Jhapasa. However, you soon learn that your goals and his may be closer together than you thought..."

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well as three side-Legends that will unlock shortly after. Each side-Legend will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed. There is another legend series that is based on a world collection event. Players will gather and donate items with the rest of KaW to try and achieve group goals.

    World Event

    This event has a world collection feature, which is roughly the same as the Eschaton mechanics for those remember the Black Friday event. Here's how it works:

    • [*]Players will complete Epic Battles (of any type) and receive drops of Reconnaissance and/or Sapping and Sabotage
      [*]They will combine to create Siege Escalation
      [*]Players can then perform any action (attack/scout/steal/assassinate) on the character "Jhapasa" to donate them
      [*]They will receive Asura General's Favor for doing this
      [*]Asura General's Favor will be what players need for the individual leaderboard
      [*]The combined number of these Favor will also show on a "Total World Favor Leaderboard" so everyone can track KaW's progress as a single entity
      [*]There will be legends for this event
      [*]One of the new features of this event is that players can unlock tiers of a temporary special premium Epic Battle, which would appear in the
      NEXT event.
    • NOTE: There are no rewards for the "Total World Favor Leaderboard" as the rewards are built within the legends (the individual leaderboard will still have rewards as usual)

    Search your Battle list

    This character will be pinned to your Battle list

    Attack/Spy on them to donate Siege Escalation and receive Asura General's Favor

    Unlocking Special Event Epic Battle

    This legend reward is merely to illustrate that a new tier of the Epic Battle will be unlocked.
    Players will not be able to see this item in their inventory.

    • [*]There are 10 levels of legends for the world collection event
      [*]With each level completed, KaW will unlock a new tier of a special Epic Battle
      [*]The new event starts on April 10th
      [*]There are a total of 5 tiers of the Epic Battle that can be unlocked
      [*]There are also 5 legends which will boost the plunder of this particular Epic Battle
      [*]Each legend from level 6-10 will increase the plunder of each unlocked tier by an additional 5%, up to a possible increase of 25%

    This event will be available from Wednesday, March 27th until Wednesday, April 10th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Siege of the Obsidian Kasar will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Asura General's Box and Royal Asura General's Box.

  2. hey look its a khajiit
  3. Will the new ebs be permanent?
  4. Temporary for the next event
  5. Liking all the new stuff tbh
  6. event galore
  7. Great job really like the look of this set kind of fits right in with my theme!!!!
  8. Can you guys add a pop-up when you open the app that explains how to donate so people don't get confused again?
  9. Support, hope too see a pvp event come back soon though

    Ty devs
  10. Man, I can't believe Brannyn and Gwyn let me get ambushed and captured like that. Can I cut their benefits or salaries or something? They clearly aren't performing their duties adequately.
  11. Fatesands=Elswery Kaw/ES crossover confirmed
  12. Will the tiers and plunder boost unlock be for player, clan or whole community?
  13. Winston you have 53 new Equipments. Transform them and give them to me?
    You dont seem to use them.
  14. Why does ata suck so much
  15. Anyone notice This event boxes dont drop Furniture or the Drop Rate Is rare Now.. Last event it was already lower.. Devs please fix This 
  16. The drop rate hasn't been lowered
  17. It's for the whole community
  18. Some interesting mindgame to get us all working towards unlocking premium eb lol, we may increase frequency we pay for it next event right? we earned it!haha is it going to netherking pricing levels of joy... what crooks

    I also do not believe we have any impact on outcome as it's just trying to maximise a new revenue stream