The Shut Down of KaW

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  1. Dear fellow KaWers and ATA Devs,

    What IF KaW were to permanently shut down? I ask this question as a means... to ponder what may happen if KaW were to shut down one day. Therefore, I propose the following scenario:

    I wake up in the morning, going about my business as usual, and so comes the time I check my phone. I click on the KaW app only to find it will not open. I search the Internet and low and behold, I discover that KaW has been shut down, never to return. I start sending emails, asking other players, only to find that the news is true. I would have many questions to ask, and I imagine other players would as well. Below I have listed only a few that could possibly arise.

    WHY has KaW shut down?
    What do I do now?
    Will there be any refunds to paying players?
    Do previous players get any sort of exclusive access or content to other ATA games?
    What are the Devs future plans?

    Again, I propose this only to raise questions and prepare for something that may possibly happen in the near or far future. This post is not intending to spread any false information for those who will not make it this far in the post. And please do be kind to your fellow players on this subject, we have all gathered here on the same game for a reason.

    Yours Truly,
  2. People would handle it the same way they handled the closure of GaW and FC, just on a larger scale as kaw still has a very big player base.

    Stage 1: grief (whining)
    Stage 2: acceptance (give us free stuff so we can be BC before you close the game)
    Stage 3: Play secondary game
  3. Remember Future Combat? I think that was ATA's failed attempt to reskin kaw with some improvements. All the players who supported the game with money rec'd didly. ATA just announced & shut it down.
  4. they're definitely not giving refunds :lol:
  5. Who cares?It's a game
  6. Just go on Heckfire, Facebook, and YouTube. In that order
  7. KAW is on the way out, heck fire is like coc so they will put all effort into that from now on, don't spend any more 

  8. Is heckfire even available on the appstore yet? My beta access expired and it is not listed in the appstore yet lots seem to be talking about it regardless
  9. If Heckfire is a take off of GoW it can go into the garbage can and join my GoW acc's there
  10. Nope its still in the soft launch stage but i dont really like it. Kaw is miles better but it gives me something to do
  11. I spent a fortune on GaW and got nothing back other than a load of adr for the last few weeks
  12. They'll give us a month notice, probably 300 xtals 500 speakers, just like GaW, and that's it. No refunds, they'll probably try move us over to another game, a heap of people will try buy the app off the devs, blah blah blah game over
  13. If you bought a product from a shop that shut down and everything with the product was as advertised you're not going to get a refund. The same would go for players of kaw unless they had made a purchase within a short period of kaw shutting down I'm fairly sure.

    That being said I am also fairly sure the dev team would let the kawmunity know in advance what was going on.
  14. What if....... my aunt had a dick? It’ll probably be my uncle. I’m not really into the ‘what if’ questions as long theres no proof that its gonna happen. For now i’ve never heard about kaw shutting down so i dont fear.
  15. There is only proof if you have... an inside source 
  16. Prolly go home...
  17. maybe buy a "[" and a "]"
  18. KaW is home @.@
  19. Lmao why would they refund paying players (insert laughy face emoji)