The Shackled Moon

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  1. /Lock very low effort. Suggest forum ban for spamming AT with garbage event threads.
  2. Screw sorry events and lame side events; screw charm exploits from same; screw ATA; screw dev butt kissing mods for removing this post shortly. 
  3. stop making us pay to play its getting old and game starting to suck ass make new ebs worth hitting for good pay or up the pay outs on ebs already here cus the way shits going it really sucks
  4. 180 circles to open top eb and only pays 6bll more a hit woo not worth the investment.
  5. At least the devs are making this more interesting than the usual run off the mill event, that's good to see :)
    Now if only they will get around to addressing those charm farmers.
  6. Agree with this. Not sure what devs thinking. Cost vs plunder is completely out of whack. Also item payout is complete garbage. Item drop for diabolical should be 4-6K of both items given the time to complete and the cost.

    Devs really need to re-evaluate either the cost or the payout...
  7. Did Diabolical with 100 active players and not one tarot card dropped...same with Murderous, 95 active players and no card drop. How high is the chance( percentage wise) of a card drop when doing the most difficult of the Lycoan EB series?

  8. It’s ATA. They probably forgot to even code it in.
  9. If you're going to require battle actions which is fine why not require defensive wins to encourage ppl to try to fight. make it optional 50 attack wins for 1 card 120 defensive wins for 2 cards

  10. I agree with Panic!
  11. I haven't seen anyone get a tarot card drop from the eb though...

  12. Lmao

  13. Wouldn't bet against this statement 
  14. It would be nice to get dev response on this
  15. Also what’s this events furniture price range ?
  16. They were indeed dropping.