The Sea Witch's Warning: Awakening of the Nameless

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. The worst event was that stupid Carnival ******** event with the bird -.-
  2. lol 10 pearls for an item,
    That's so dumb it makes Monty Python look smart
  3. indeed they lowered the tier reward bcos devs itself know before us raise the issue,non-spender won't be able to achieve the specific reward without the 1st place before releasing new event/promo devs should known that not all player are big spender/have income.
  4. No what they did knowing ppl would complain is raise to level to a unreachable level then lower it so you would think.they were listening at yet they know its still out of reach for non-paying customers hince only showing top 10 instead of top 100/1000 cause they dont exist
  5. Yup....just checked n no Top100/1000
    Astute observation.....Ty
    Guess 2k is 2nd best reward
    Also 500 is 3rd best reward
  6. Why on earth did I think I needed 175 pearls for the level 5 achievement? 
  7. You all just suck
  8. Screw this game. Come play Clash of Clans! :D
  9. I just wanna say thank you for giving everyone a chance to gain a sick banner… but on a personal note devs you are far way to greedy and dead to start being fair… if u think its easy to get an ee banner its not! And for u to just give away a banner for those who drop alot of cash is total bull crap
  10. Just an idea. How about changing the prizes ie the mage

    I will have nearly 4k of each after this event. Bet many have alot more

    What about swapping to gold, bbs or pots something we can have a use for
  11. Lol.
  12. Can't even hit most epics so how can I get jewels @devs screwed up lol
  13. Cut the requirements again! I want that 5000 banner 
  14. I heard LoL is pretty fun
  15. I dropped nothing and earned 2k.
  16. That's cause your awesome sneakbo (not)
  17. How much hte has your clan been running done the event started then?
  18. Support
  19. Devs you should increase the drops for the last two days of the event.