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  1. You’re a moron, people get silenced unfairly all the time ...take your ass kissing somewhere else, no wonder you earned VK’re light blue now so you’re some kind of moral authority? Get off your high horse ass kisser
  2. Lol from the statless alt! Actually I was just responding to Domo, so not sure who's backside you think I'm kissing! Those silenced unfairly and been disputed to my knowledge are usually overturned, but this case was not so dont seem like just a mod issue to me?
  3. Moron duh you’re obviously kissing mod ass I said just because your light blue doesn’t mean your the moral authority now literally means you are a sell out yes man and you proved it with your ass kissing post.
  4. You’re a brainless moron  lol ...seriously you just don’t lick the window you break it and eat the glass
  5. Don't encourage him, Stacy.

    Pay him any mind and he'll do everything in his power to make you regret it.
  6. Inappropriate Content

    Domo gonna make me cry
    Refer to your post
  7. Salty

  8. halp fren

  9. Who even says Salty?

    Dude, you're bringing stuff back from 2010.

    This actually hurts my brain.

    Also filthyfrank is gone, move on.
  10. Yeah you are missing the point.....what I said is as silencable as “those damn Canadians”. The guidelines are so vague it’s really up to the Mods point of view. I have not changed my ways and yet I’ve been silenced more in the last few weeks than all of the seven years combined. I’d say it’s harassment. Funny thing is if it was silencable why is still allowed in this thread ? I didn’t break tou....the mod did ,this thread proves it. So be a VK somewhere else because you clearly on the wrong side of kaw.
  11. Actually I did get your point Domo, but you said here that after submitting a ticket they reviewed it and found your silence valid! So you saying its just a mod picking on you and wasnt breaking tou obviously is not what kaw felt or they would of overturned it if they felt it wasn't a valid silence.

    Also yes mods can use their discretion in who they silence within the guidelines but I'd say thats kinda like a police officer that may pull me over for speeding and write me a ticket but not pull over the guy speeding beside me or could pull over both, it is as well to his discrection, correct. But just because the officer didn't pull over the other person does not mean I was not deserving of the ticket I received for speeding.

    Again not putting yourself in the position of being silenced is the best solution, and you'll have no issues!

    Also, if you don't won't opinions on the thread then probably best not to make one!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and again please tell Gus, Taz and them all at AOD hello for me, I do need to come visit soon! :)
  12. Again if it broke tou then it still wouldn’t be in this thread. Correct ?
  13. Depends whom(mod) thats reads it, been thru the same thing myself. It all comes to who you are and if that mod likes you or not.i called a whole clan cheaters in forums and didnt get silenced but when i said it in wc i got silenced tho i didnt meantion the name, the mod "asumed" i was talking about a person.Some get a warning in wc that they breaking tou(friends). Some just get silenced for most silly things.
  14. I would say its because the context of the posts. In wc when silenced you have said you were bantering with Drgn, here you are "Pleading your case" so to speak.

    Of course only really kaw or the mods can answer that question correctly!
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