The Road So Far

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  1. No mention of Benny

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  2. If you can post me some info about that time, I would be more than happy to add it. I am glad you bumped this, I had forgotten to update it in the pandemonium of rl lately. Will try tomorrow.

    edit - if you all deadset want osw info... I can try. But I may just list that they happened, rather than investigate the perhaps tou-riddled issue's as to why. Pm me the info you would like added.
  3. Try searching up Phil in the search function, I'm sure you could get tons of osw info there, seeing as he's usually second to know these things.
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  5. nice thread daph. but the support really need more in touch with the game they hardly know what is going on half the time and kaw _community is a joke he only answers one out of every 10 questions and gives vague answers.

  6. Support.
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  9. Edited to include:

    -Zaft Corp replaced as Zaft Destiny
    -Tofu Labs
    -HTE release
    -Summer Promotions
    -Blood Rains
    -Time Trial
    -Sea Witch
    -New Tier 7 levels
    -In the Shadows.

    Also reformatted Support and Dev QnA to second post, to keep the first post clear for timeline.

    I'm not receiving any pm's about this "osw" stuffz... So link to Grammar Unicorns Thread included in OP.
  10. Probably if not one of the best threads I have ever read in forums.
  11. That was fun to read. Makes me wish I didn't take a few years off! Lol
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    Just for those players wants an update for what has changed, or have been improved.
  14. Ee wars where initially 4 hours with pay on par, technically worse then current ee drop. Those where far more grueling then the two hour wars.
    The random and advantage set ups in ee where to try and hinder if not stop those botting/auto tracking for easy wins. The turtle build is called a "hax0r" and they also altered things like dtw/dst in wars.
    I feel you should note this last asw (2014) was nothing like prior asw. If you where ranked in the top 10k you could cast to try and make a team.
    First summer war? Try only summer war at the time they gave the impression that they where going to start doing season wars instead they spun it in to the ee seasons (I remember I got irritated because I missed the summer war working but was under the impression there would be a fall/winter one). They also for awhile did double drop for eq ebs before they came up with the br idea.
    You forgot to mention escot edges and pvp spells. Was also the spectral candles (which raised pvp plunder for an hour).
    The fact osw has always been around.
    How bout the fact spy builds weren't intended to exist?