The Rise of the Bloddrihten King

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  1. Kudos for a pvp side event option. The rest?.....meh
  2. Too much pink blood you could have just use rainbow bloods
  4. Nice copy paste event devs zzz
  5. No clan achievement for new eb?
  6. I would also like to add

  7. :lol: That’s a good one.
  8. I’m having a problem clicking on the chests, every time I do it kicks me off the game. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. For some reason I did not receive max drops on a HTE while that 99% plunder bonus was applied. I always get max drops on regular HTEs with one unload and no plunder spell. I wrote a Help ticket and ATA doesn’t seem to think that’s a problem.
  10. I got a anniversary chest and then when I went to buy a key for the chest but there was no chest. Why did this happen?
  11. It looks like it had been used already. Have you tried to send feedback. We did have an issue at the start of event where people cast become locked put of kaw for the duration. Send feedback to see if this is the case. If you have any more issues feel free to pm me. I Can ask devs on your behalf.

    But if its because of the glitch devs will fix that.

    Thank you.
  12. It was a bug. Many people reinstalled kaw to fix the problem.

  13. Did devs reply to the ticket? They can check all actions and errors.
  14. They did.

    “Hi there,

    Drops are based on a number of factors. They are mostly based on relative contribution and the drop rate of the item(s), so it’s possible for a smaller player to receive more items, even though they performed less actions.”

    I don’t consider that a good answer as I’ve said before I only need to do one unload on HTE without a plunder spell to get max drops.
  15. Drops were changed fairly recently, which could have affected how many drops you get per amount of effort done. I can see your drops increased in a later HTE with more actions.
  16. The changes from Aug. 29th? Wasn’t that for the drop build glitch?