The Rise of the Bloddrihten King

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  1. The Rise of the Bloddrihten King

    "You and your armies are trapped in the palace of Basghor Bloddrihten, king of the Blodfolc.

    Outside, the recently awakened denizens of the vampire city of Blodcyth march on the palace, led by their brutal king.

    You must track down the source of their immortality and destroy it before they can reach you, or your kingdom will be overrun...and devoured..."

    During this event there'll be a temporary EB series "The Maze of the Maluscor" that comes in 5 levels, each level harder than the last.

    Players will need to use multiple "Imperial Jewel of Sealing" to open the EB:

    Regular - 10 Jewels
    Crushing - 15 Jewels
    Fiendish - 20 Jewels
    Murderous - 25 Jewels
    Diabolical - 30 Jewels

    Each Jewel costs 5 Nobility Points on the marketplace and cannot be gained in any other way.

    Legend wise, there are the standard legends as well as an optional legend with Aqua or Inferno rewards. Players will have a choice of PvP (must do fight actions on other players), PvE (must do lots of fight actions on any EB), or complete one of The Blood Golems EB. The Blood Golems choice has increased rewards as it requires a premium party to be completed.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, September 12th until Wednesday, September 26th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Rise of the Bloddrihten King will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Forge-God Box and Royal Forge-God Box.

  2. What happened to the 9th anniversary though?
  3. Hopefully they forgot.
  4. On 15th
  5. exciting stuff
  6. Check last 15-16 sep 2017 post in past events
  7. Regular 10 jewels - $5
    Cursing 15 jewels - $8
    Fiendish 20 jewels - $10
    Murd 25 jewels - $13
    Dia 30 jewels - $15

    Think my math is right  if anyone wanted to know
  9. Will furnishings be available in boxes this event?
  10. Another mad pet, bring back the cute fish
  11. Disgusting for rated 9 years old game
  12. Edit: KaW is rated for as Teen in the Google Play store, which is 13+, but our ToU does state 9+.
  13. Yup! They should be available now. There was an issue with the boxes for a little over an hour. Compensation will go out to those who were affected.
  14. What happened to the ASW remedy?

    Are wars a non issue or just ignored?
  15. Lame, another paid event... Pffffftttt......
  16. Is this like NK and you get the jewel back if you forfeit in phase 1?
  17. As usual ata sucks the blood out of the community