The rich get richer

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  1. Karma for having two swear words in your name.
  2. How many people still play Kaw? I read somewhere recently that they were still making on average 10k a day.
  3. Well if you have a player who's played 6 years and one who's played 1year...who would you favor? Also. 1 xstal per eb is enough. you should think ahead and save free xstals from past events. 24x230= 5,520 ish. Not counting the amount you can get without using xstals..should easily make 10k. Hell do pvp and get top 100 and you make enough
  4. What u talking about Willis

    This event isn't catered to lbs - it's catered to those willing to spend $$$

    Sure there r lbs that spend $$$ and there r others that don't

    Technically speaking the rich arent getting richer. If a person spends a lot of real $$$ on kaw - the rich r actually getting poorer.

    well yeah. Kinda.
  6. If your only goal is to reach the LB without spending cash, then im sorry, but you're 4 years too late.

    LB players spend fortunes on this game and have helped keep the momentum going.
    So unless you willing to spend the big dollars, i'd forget bout the LB.

    There are plenty of other perfectly good reasons to enjoy your time here tho.
    Just because the LB looks unreachable to you, shouldn't deter you from the other great aspects of this game ;)

    Wish you all the best in finding them! :)


  7. 1 xtal don't get me max items. 2 xtals gets me locked for a day after a while.

    I'm well over 10k items but far from lb

  8. Everybody seems to be missing the point. I do spend money and it's pointless. I have been getting Crystal locked back to back this whole event. Smash a bunch of ZTA only to have a message pop up and say that I can't regenerate for another 18 hours. So I could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars more but it won't make a difference because I am at the maximum activity that they allow me to be and I'm still a hundred thousand items away from number 1
  9. No.
    You are just inefficient. The way to grow is to do trains, not xtal lock on premium ebs.
    I came back to this game 4/5 months ago from 17mcs now I'm 620mcs.
    Although I have spent quite a bit ~£300-400, it's not impossible like you say.
  10. It's not so simple to say that only spenders get better rewards. They distribute the drops based on damage to an eb. Bigger accounts will of course do the same damage you do in a fraction of the hits. As for end of event payouts, bigger amounts need the bigger pays. 3T in gold means a lot different to a new player vs a 300 mill cs player. The new player shouldn't be given even chances to get that. Put in the time and you too can be nice and big some day
  11. 3-4k or maybe 12-15k Lol. Yeah you have to realise most players over 100mcs who have played five years have probably spent on average 3-8k all ready not including alts. I would estimate a 300-1mill player spending 15k minimum upto possibly 100k for some players especially if you have 5-10 alternate accounts. Scary but a 50k or higher average across top 100 is a fair whack of coin to spend. I'm half guessing of course some may be higher some lower. Most players will not honestly tell you how much they cashed on there "sudden" growth. Buy nobs as well if you don't like your money and cash them, your loss ata's gain.
  12. Be sure to be at max plunder to get max drops.
  13. Anyway, why the obsession to make top 100? In all case have enough patience to grow a bit more before going on trains or that stuff.
  14. I don't know why a smaller account is pushing for top in event anyways, there will be new equip out in a week anyways, better off just upgrading
  15. ROFL
    This is so wrong it's just hilarious.
    I don't mind saying how much I've spent,and it's nowhere near those figures you made up. I came back two weeks prior to OR being released[could someone tell me exactly when this was?]. Was 18mcs and now I'm 620mcs. I won't lie, I spent 9/10ths of this time in B2B HTE clans and have done numerous 47xtal trains. All in all I've spend around £350, with another £90 stored up for BF.
    Nowhere near this astronomical figures you use.
    Undoubtedly, if you wanna get close to BC you have to spend a bunch, but you don't need to Bill Gates to do it.

  16. There were whales spending 20k/day. I can lead you directly to the quote from one of the ATA founders.
  17. He's wasn't talking about whales though...
    He said people above 100mcs who've played 5 years+
    And more specifically those 300mcs-1bcs apparently spend 15k+
  18. I've played for 5+ years. And I've maintained my boyish figure. Who cares about fat players.
  19. There were plenty who spent 2-3k before they reached 30mcs. Theres no doubt ppl have broken the 100k barrier. Yes i could double my size cheaply now. But you could not two years ago
  20. My first year i would have spent close to $1500 just on xtalls and propacks on one account. Second year i could not purchase as i had a foreign phone and it stopped working as i was getting charged less because it was US dollars instead of my currency. I did not purchase again until my third year playing. Lol pretty sure that saved my bacon. Thanks AT&T for your phone it worked great in NZ for awhile! Kaw is still a cheap game by comparison with leading game apps. There were no crux chests or seals or double plunder low tier ebs. No silver bars... its a different game now.