The Revolution Has Come

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  1. Have you read a history book or watched the news?
  2. That revolution was successful though.
  3. Revolutionary Decree No. Four

    The Players have not heeded the call of Liberty! I urge them once again to join their Revolution!
    Epic Battles shall be banned by the Revolution since they are not epic.
  4. So the council elects a supreme leader but the council has full authority over the revolution. Sounds like a very non supreme leader to me. Supreme follower in fact
  5. The Supreme Leader is the primus inter pares and coordinator of the Revolution, but the Council has full imperium. However it will invest some of its imperium in the Supreme Leader.
  6. What do you mean Revolutionary Council Member Cannabis?
  7. You think you're in charge of the players? What are you on? Stop chugging random drugs you find on the floor.
  8. No! I am merely a representative of the Revolution of the Players.

  9. Marihuana* and other drugs will be banned by the Revolution.

    *not a misspelling
  10. In my wish to remain anonymous I will sign as John Hancock.