The Revenant-King of the Hoarfrost

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Still no Leader Board?
  2. Are these hoarfrost rings and legs purely unenchantable or is that coming later/after the event?
  3. Idiot it was updated
  4. I just started this game and I love this even though its really confusing haha.
  5. Pretty sure he’s on about event leaderboard, considering this is a event thread, imbecile.
  6. It makes me unreasonably sad to not have symmetrical left and right of throne items. They're not even similar shapes like the stag heads :( I'd love to have two purple orbs or two tombstones facing opposite directions
  7. Under event exclusive items
    It mentions they will continue to randomly drop from brandraven chests
    Why those, that event had nothing to do with murkfrost. Just curious
  8. We need another event to try and get aqua and inferno. We are all hurting in this area. Thanks
  9. Can we get a banner event? Ever since I got back I haven't go a banner event
  10. Why are the top 50/100 rewards the same as the 25/40k event resource rewards? Shouldn’t ring and greaves be the twice betrayed version instead? Just curious.
  11. Any reason why we weren't told these pieces wouldn't be upgradable with aqua and inferno?
  12. My legends is still empty
  13. That's most likely a glitch. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon, and you'll be able to enchant it with Aqua and Inferno! :)
  14. Get a life KINGDOMS OF PROMOS
  15. Yay more things to fill my showcase with lol
  16. When everyone thinks this is a new event.. fail. Devs are slacking as always.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.