the return of werewolf love story part 10

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  1. I woke up in the same hospital i looked around the room and I saw the same young woman who had satiated me when I first came to the hospital where was Sebastian at the young woman must have captured him and took him to the vampire King i didn't realize that I was screaming because I giving birth to my beautiful baby girl I kept screaming until I stopped only to hear the wonderful sounds of Scarlett crying i wondered why Sebastian was not here to see the birth of our child I had to find out why they had captured him and not letting him leave nor why they had to been keeping him there i just had to find out why before I get caught or killed trying to find him
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    Screams echo through the hospital halls. The staff shift through their shifts, unfased from the cries of pain; long since numb to the sounds of pain and joy. A young woman with milk colored skin walked with such grace that she seemed to be floating. Her fire red hair, flawlessly waved through the air as she truned the cornor, her light, bright blue eyes set on the room where the screams were pouring out.

    She slipped in, without notice or care from the staff and walked to the bedside of Suzanne, a young heartfull werewolf girl screaming out in her sleep. The child had just reached the age of responsibility as motherhood began to force itsway out. The wide eyes girl woke with a scream but her eyes did not share the same discomfort.

    Searching the room, Suzanne studdied everything before laying eyes on the milky skinned guess. It was a face she remembered and one that brought great conserns and questions to her heart and mind. Where was Sebastian? Did this woman take him to the vampire king?

    More questions fled her mind before all were erased with another scream of pain! The red haired woman moved towards Suzanne's feet as the screams bellowed louder. Then out from a pain, an softer and purer cry ran out, a baby girl.

    She took her first breath of life and her first cry, as she were placed in Suzanne's arms. The new mother rocked with her baby thinking that she now must reunite her family, and do so before she gets cought or killed.

    "Don't worry Scarlett" Suzanne said to her daughter. "We'll find Sevastian. We'll find daddy."

    When she looked up the woman disappeared and she knew she had to move soon. The life as a werewolf played no favors for the young or the weak and she needed to find her love and to reunite her pack. She needed to leave here fast, for another night risks certain death.
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