The Return of the Witchqueen

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  1. The Return of the Witchqueen

    The Vigonian Oracle has revealed herself to be the Witchqueen Zadreah, last of the accursed Corvelia bloodline!

    With the aid of her ancestors, who she has raised from the dead, she begins to cast the spell of Infernal Unbinding!

    You must fight your way through the resurrected witches of the Corvelia line and put a stop to her spell before it is cast and a cataclysm is brought down upon the world!

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well three side-Legends that will unlock over the course of the next two weeks. You have to complete your previous side-Legend before unlocking the next one.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, June 6th until Wednesday, June 18th at Noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Return of the Witchqueen will be available in the Furnishings Shop, the Swordfish Chest and the Royal Swordfish Chest.

  2. First.. and Love the pet
  3. I have the same Rl pet.. Love to have it here virtual too <3
  4. I want the puppy :D
  5. @[ata]caster CF not granted.
  6. Aww puppy
  7. So while you copy paste the same events at us, that means you’re busy working on something else? War??
  8. Wow, this war event looks just brilliant. Youve outdone yourselves
  9. Thanks for your input
  10. I love the pet dog. I bet it taste good on tomato sauce
  11. Thread and event should be locked for low effort. Wash, rinse, repeat...wash, rinse, repeat
  12. This guy I tells ya, is the next VK

    ATA take note
  13. An event dedicated to me? Thx
  14. Can you tell me why the image is the same on the last event carpet and this event carpet when the banners are totally different?
  15. Says the one who Cfed and left OSW after one baby strip by WDGAF.
  16. Barley blocks and cries after I mention his last known action while being something. Go hit those ebs fairy  they won’t hit back I promise