The Return of the Queen

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  1. And, did Gordon Gekko take over as chairman? I am disgusted..
  2. Awful!!!
    No xtal limit, NK all week.
    Pay pay pay to play!!
    You are killing the clans, which is killing your game.
    Bad move!!!!!!
  3. The new premium EB DOESN’T even drop aqua or inferno! What is that about? Going back to NKs
  4. So in an already over inflated Allie market the devs in Thier infinite wisdom release a new eb and NK all week and remove the xtal limit ! Very very very slowwwww hand clap! Devs your hell bound to destroy this game!
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  5. Noob you see any yafi clan still active?😂😂Keep unlimited xtal going. Don’t listen to this cry babies. Unlimited xtals should be on long time ago
  6. I find this event at this point and time , not in very good taste seems ur thru helping , and very greedy , u have a good day sir !
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  7. An interesting move.

    a worldwide crisis that is causing mass unemployment and tighter budgets. Lead to ATA making this decision to damage a fundamental part of the game.

    when this causes a breakdown in the game, ata can blame the worldwide landscape and not this flawed decision.

    “it was corona and not our decisions which is why we are closing kaw”

    I’ll continue to lurk and observe. But from an old player and old moderator - please have a rethink and make the game fun for the last few months of its life. I am sad.
  8. Are devs making people buy xtals now?
  9. Devs dropped the ball agian
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  10. next on devs To Do list: remove free xtals
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  11. Very bad optics to say the least. Consumers mostly conduct business based on price and/or trust. I’m afraid you may have overestimated the willingness of the player base to bend over for you, albeit Musang will be grabbing his/her ankles long after this game is retired. If you insist on unlimited xtals, then do it right, and eliminate the ability to hide allies as well.
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  12. You know it's bad when the LB players disagree with it.
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  13. You can’t do crap I farm your ass and you don’t hit back. With unlimited xtals. You should buy more xtals to keep me pinned 25/7😂Then again you are a coward. You join YAFI when they where strong. After Twicc destroyed you yafi. You ran to resilience to hide. Resilience helped and protected you. Then when resilience members taking a break and can’t protect you. You run again to join yafi because they joined LB 2 clan. Now that lb 2 clan dropping like a stone to lb 11 so far. You are playing dead. My opinion this unlimited xtal affect no one. Those want to spend will spend and let them spend. Unlimited xtal wouldn’t affect me except there is a chance that someone will grow some balls to keep me pinned. I should be pinned 24/7. I’m the most annoying player. Least I can do to help the game 😂😂
  14. My only request to devs and hope will be implemented soon is make ALB top 10 a moderator. They deserves the title. They spend enough to the game to keep the game open. Those want to be a moderator must spend to get the title. Thank you and you must listen to me devs.
  15. Twicc you need to rein in your dog...
  16. idot 😂
  17. Musty... joking aside... the only thing you're known for is endlessly boring the kaw community ranting on and on and on and on and on......and on and on about one OSW that TWICC (not u nubcake) ended years ago 😂#dullaf #omghestalkingaboutyafiagain #couldntfarmwithatracror #keepentertainingus-u-moron #twiccisitreallystillyou-shut-this-moron-up
  18. Anyhow... back on topic, social isolation seems to have dulled the ape collective ability to respond to the community sentiment expressed here, or perhaps forums get such little traffic they don't waste their breath... gl all out there - Ajax out.
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  19. Remember last time we stripped you and you went inactive. You suck on system war and pvp bro. Stop crying over little things like unlimited xtals. Unlimited xtal is great way to safe failing eb. Great way to pinned you. Soon I will introduce you to my little friends 😂
  20. I PooPed Today