The Return of the Queen

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  1. 5mcs with equipment.
  2. Apart from totally ignoring the player base (which in any other business is fatal), i can guarantee that devs will not provide a single bit of feedback regards their insane, primate-driven logic and decision.
    Well done guys - this is a cash cow you have killed through no reason other than arrogance and stupidity.

    RIP KAW.
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  3. Again, I can hit noth, I'm 250kcs...
  4. Can’t believe these changes - bad move Devs, bad move
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  5. They’ve done a similar thing on other game pimd and lost all confidence of players that Ata games will be around in a few years time 😳
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  6. I don't mind paying to play within reason. I typically buy some nobs to open royal chests, and play some NK on weekends. I don't even mind the xtal limit being removed. I think you guys are out of line raising prices right now though. One seal works out to $6 in nobs. With the markets crashing around the world, exchange rates are terrible right now, which means that seal actually costs me $12. Now this new eb with the new item to start is $8 for Americans, and $16 for me and other international players. That's just too much for an eb, and I have to find 10 or 8 friends to also spend that amount of money to run one. $60 for an NK, and $64 for the new eb is outrageous. Double that for international players. With all the lockdown and social isolation going on around the world, game items should be on sale. Seals should be 20 nobs/$2, and the new eb item should be 40 nobs/$4. More people would buy and play. Most clans don't even do NK because it's so expensive. Even fewer will do this one. Keep raising prices, and fewer people will pay them, and others will just give up on KAW and go inactive.
  7. Charm farms running full force—check.
    Bots running rampant—check.
    Xstal limit removed—check.
    Average human player killed—soon.

    The few players with the “dedication” to outrageously cheat now have all the tools to destroy any opposition. The game will soon, unfortunately, devolve into who can spend more in game and out of game to win.

    No longer will dedication, perseverance, and time well spent be rewarded. Truly a sad day for the KaWmunity.
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  8. None of this will really matter anyhow with people running the new one b2b. Zero respect for the Kawmunity. Complete separation of the have and have nots beyond what has happened in the past.
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  9. Corona eb with corona boxes
  10. The Cookie Monster is less greedy than you guys . You’re taking this gouging of your customers way too far. You should be ashamed of this behaviour KAW
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  11. The last word on this the queen has her tits out on the new load screen... dev ur idiots.
  12. This guy is a noob. He cries on everything. Changes don’t affect me. This no limit xtal is a good thing if you love OSW😂
  13. The timing of this promo and the lifting of xystal limit is socially irresponsible at this time. I will personally join live on web next seminar/ school ATA hold with other gaming companies and mention this from a customer perspective. Its not too late to reverse your decision Devs.
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  14. Glad one of the top players has added there input on here and agrees with the rest of the crowd. Now maybe ATA
  15. Also I can’t edit my comment again. How about fixing things we need fixed properly instead of squeezing money out of us?
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  16. Actually I agree with Ajax. Tits out? Really devs. Not an image I want my kids to be looking at. Would rather have them respect woman then objectify them. You go and hire a bunch of greedy/horny teenagers?
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  17. yafi crushed you in OSW you need to let it go my son 😂
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  18. Buying sewing machines with my kaw dough until this decsion is reversed. Rather help those actually helping people. #millionmaskchallenge
  19. As a long term player, I would just like to add my dismay at the crazy idea of removing the crystal limit, it will make the game not worth playing if people can just spend, spend, spend and build without any commitment.
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  20. For some time I have been wondering if Beavis and Butthead have taken charge in Ata. I no longer do...