The Return of the Queen

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Corvid, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. This is the best reply
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  2. Money... money.... moneyyyyy... all we want is money......
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  3. Ill go along with this crap if devs donate the 50% of the new eb money to those whove lost their jobs recently.. Looking at you greedmongers...

    Ps-removing the xstal limit is the dumbest idea since ending clan based wars. #nailinthecoffin
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  4. So are we gonna start stripping LB now? Cause kaw admin just approved the best way to get strip funds really quickly. Let's start messing with the cash flow.
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  5. Good job devs of removing xtal limit for good. This will help a lot on osw. No need numbers to strip towers. We can actually do serious damaged if given time. I hope you guys start figuring also to blocked finding hidden allies by outsider. I always go along with your changes and adapt. About time this crystal limit is removed. Thank you so much devs. I love you all even the ugliest one of you😂
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  6. Also would really help is removing all moderators. We don’t need moderating this game. I doubt any kids still play this game. Any bypass just auto silenced and review reported to silenced or not. Moderators are just nuisance of the game which being used as till by war clans and butthurt moderators as a weapon against players they don’t like
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  7. 50mcs can hit Noth lol
  8. With this development, won’t be surprised if new lands come out next (sigh)
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  9. I realize this will never occur, but a community boycott is the only resolution to this latest update by ATA. Sink your money to the precious toilet paper crisis rather than on the ATA market for a new eb. The pay to play destroys any game; a few prosper while others rant on no fair play. The game has evolved so many times over the years, but the true winner is ATA for every "pack" you purchase. The xtal limit was a safety net for pvp aspects, now ATA is using that as a money grabber. Best wishes to everyone in their part of this world during this pandemic, and I wish I could say "happy kawing"
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  10. I agree with the comments made by others totally. I have played the game for almost 10 years and will now probably stop. I am a nurse who works for 1 doctor. We can’t get supplies to protect ourselves and do everything we can to protect out patients, many who are pregnant. If we get exposed to Covid 19 in the process, we will be out of business. Saving all my discretionary income for possible unemployment. Don’t know what made ATA do this know during a pandemic but I will no longer pay to play. I need to protect myself, family and patients first! In addition I suggest a name change for ATA “Corvid”....Take care of yourselves KaW!
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  11. 30mcs can hit noth
  12. 😔 you can't quit Amber! But I definitely know what your saying and those that work in healthcare are most definitely at greater risk!! Prayers for you, family and all patients especially being expecting mothers!! 🙏
  13. Please remove all the moderators and give moderators to the big spenders. Top 10 ALB should get the moderator. This way they also compete to top 10 for moderating. Please consider this devs thank you
  14. Please reconsider the no xstal limit idea. It is completely crazy. People are suffering, dying and broke with no jobs but you still think it’s a good idea to have unlimited xstals forever so rich clans and/or people can destroy poor clans and/or accounts with growth and endless attacks? We are fighting the Virus that is changing the World. We don’t need a Game adding stress too!!

    This new Eb should be Monday through Friday if you want but NK should only be on the weekends like you had it. I’m a long term admin at the WTF NK Clan who finished in first place in both the clan competitions. We are worn out just working those Events. You are going to burn people out so they will quit playing. The new eb has too many different spy, item, and attack requirements to have as an Event Weekend Eb. I’ve stopped buying until you can address some of these issues. Xstal Limits back after the weekend. NK only on weekends. New Eb whenever you want it but yes lower the cost or have a free version that pays less.
  15. Just remember, if this is the change that actually kills it off and sends KAW into economic crisis, it was named here today... Corvid-19
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  16. ATACorvid? Are you kidding? Most insensitive thing i’ve seen in 8 years from the devs. KAW devs live by the motto “don’t let a crisis go to waste”. These changes during a global crisis calls for a purchasing BOYCOTT. If you have a conscience join me JUST SAY NO!
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  17. Why are you guys complaining about unlimited xtals? There is nothing wrong with unlimited xtals. There is players will xtal crazy for few days and eventually they get bored xtaling. They will go back to playing normally eventually. If you think about it no xtal limit is good. If you don’t want to spend it’s your choice. No one will force you to spend. What we need to change is moderators. We need to top 10 alb as moderators.
  18. Morons, what a **** up.
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  19. You do know that ATA-Corvid has been around for like 6 years and a corvid is a sub-species of bird right? I mean not to defend them but insensitive doesnt really play here unless they would have created that account in the last few days.
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  20. No xstal limit is fine as long as a daily or weekly spend limit is implemented to protect the vulnerable people who might get addicted to spending on the game.

    Also means that premium ebs will be too fast and harder to run b2b, which is worse for the game.
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