The Return of the Queen

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  1. Lol Now those doing premiums everyday will be unable to catch by a person who is doing non premiums
    What about make nk non premium and available for each member just 5 times a day
    And making your princess eb limited to 12 ebs a day
    Tradable xtals and tokens
    Giving everyone 5 xtal each day
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  2. Seriously? Just as many people are losing their income / business or on reduced income due to virus. Devs bring out another 10 min pay to play EB ?
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  3. Pretty much echo all other comments , but have to say why lift xtal limit. It was a safety net and protected the accounts that have been playing for years . This de values everyone’s time and efforts over the years . Please reconsider this move devs
  4. Remember when we had other global issues like hurricanes and ata gave us a badge for donating and we made a difference to those less fortunate?
    Yet here we are with a promo and a premium ebs - it's like saying let's take advantage of ppls misfortune. Everywhere I see companies reaching out to help but not ATA. They are saying " hey let's make money off this". Shame on you.
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  5. You need to name the next Epic Battle:

    “ Yuricula Of The Abyss”, something with a “Y” so WC can be filled with “Yota” jokes. Haha.

    👋🏽 This *is* the EB you’re looking for.
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  6. I Would happily spend on KaW if ata shut down heckfire 😂😂😂😂
  7. Removing the xtal hs got to be the dumbest decision I have ever seen.

    My left side is smarter than that 😕
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  8. Dev you're idiots. I hope this kills KaW... cyber suicide on an immoral impossibly stupid scale, without thought to what's going on in the world.

    How about you plough all the profit into a charitable donation to the victims of the current crisis or research.
  9. Great idea! 🌚
  10. It’s a crappy plan, deep six it!
  11. Wow. I always think you guys can’t sink any lower... & then you do.
    Your greed and ineptitude seriously never cease to amaze me.
  12. Devs are inept!
  13. I just wanted to take this time to thank ATA for this wonderful update

  14. I support sourcewalker 110%. Change this back to a 24xtal limit quick before more ppl quit this game. This is going to tip the scales with osw’s as well. Pay to play players are going to hold the advantage over everyone now. I don’t suppose y’all are going to change this back to what it was ever. If I were you (devs) I’d be expecting a major decline of players in the coming months. Not me... but I’m sure there will be a large amount that use this as reason to quit respectively.
  15. You have seals in the chests as part of the rewards on the last event? That was dumb! Then I bought a promo with 10 sealskin 90 xtals and whatever nobility! Again you basically took away 590 nobs today! That’s ridiculous and really I lost money in that deal.
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  16. I’ve had two accounts in KaW for 9 years (10 in June) one account is in a premium clan and grows well the other in a poor clan that is struggling. I don’t p2p but have spent some in the years.

    I believe this is the end of KaW, you guys just slit your throat, I’ve never seen this much greed and uncaring about customers
  17. Oh where do I start with all of this that so many haven’t already said.. The world is in crisis where the governments are having to give people money to survive.

    I for one am not against the New eb we have all these same complaints when NK started out and then became a every weekend item the same when zta and hte came out those issues will always have a few people cry about it and we adjust to the new normal and move on. The issue at hand is the unlimited xtal ability... Why ... the prior system wasn’t broken no one asked and if my memory serves me correctly people started to even complain when it was ever single promo that xtal limits where lifted. Having a limit is needed in the game it gives no single player the ability to have a complete advantage over another giving some area of equal opportunity.
    I ask devs to really think about this and please install the xtal limit back to 24 and if they wish to release a new paid eb think about also releasing a non paid for the rest of us so that we can continue to enjoy the new content as well ...
  18. Shaking my head. I don't see one positive comment about your latest changes & I agree completely with the criticisms. The world is in crisis, and your reaction is to take advantage of people who are in forced isolation & vulnerable? Shame on you.

  19. Literally my point exactly. This will tip the scales in favor of ppl who pay to play your game. Huge Advantage.
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  20. Enough said by all previous posts! This says alot about ATA how they support community in crises. Rather then helping the community, they sqeeze us!!
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