The Return of the Queen

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  1. Move promo to the weekend. 5 days is too long. 3 day promo is the golden standard for a REASON. Make new eb cheaper. 79 nobs when you made seals worth less due to new eb is far too high. Reinstate xtal limit as everyone and their mother knows it’s a bad idea. Make NK 50% promo bonus as well. List can go on....
  2. 100mcs? Hell, I can hit Noth thanks to my bfe alone, it's basically meaninless at this point. Make a free eb I can't hit and then we're talking
  3. Don’t normally come on here to moan, but honestly are you guys serious. As a long term player I have been hitting the same ebs over and over again and you finally bring out a new one and it’s pay to play. Maybe bring out 2 versions pay to play with more benefits and free to play to give us some new content.
  4. I disapprove highly of he removal of the health crystal limit.
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  5. You guys are the champions of making the worst decisions of all time. Nobody asked for the removal of the xtal limit. I get it, you only care about people spending money instead of the actual quality of the game, but this is a new low.
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  6. Seriously disappointed in the dev team. They went too far. There is a world crisis and many are being laid off. During this time you not only extended premium membership ebs. But introduced a new eb which makes people buy a new item for 79 nobs. And then remove xstall limit. You have proven to be insensitive to what is going on. Official notice that I will refuse to buy anything else in this game until you fix what you did. Shame on you.
  7. Why make such a dramatic change with the xtal limit and NK? Maybe there’s worse news to come.
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  8. As many of my fellow kawers asked, please put back xtal limit removing xtal cap is just non sens. Also what to do with our seals? I mean u just made sod obsolet and you dont even reward us the new 79nob thingi in the lb rewards u still give us seals (that we most probably wont use) moving nk to week days and having thjs new eb for weekends only is fine. Can we have a wat to transform our seal into this new item? Thanks
  9. Every event, I'm curious to see how you guys will be able to ruin the game more and safe to say y'all haven’t disappointed. From not caring about wars, to removing seasonal wars, then making events that hurt smaller clans, not coming up with a new regular EB to now removing the xtal limit and introducing a new premium EB. Devs were really better off repeating events with minor artwork changes.
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  10. In the devs relentless quest for more gold they screwed the community
  11. I'm a 10 year player and this is seriously the most insane decision I have ever seen. No need to repeat the earlier comments regards the global crisis, that the kaw community never asked for sny of this. Why not work further on clan loyalty rewards, fixing the war system to encourage more to participate, or any
  12. Apologies my post got cut off when App froze.
    ... or any other initiatives players have been requesting for years. This decision is incomprehensible.

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  13. Devs lecturing how to kill a MMORPG quickly! good job. saw the quit wave myself back in 2013 cos of hte, gonna enjoy this one too
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  14. I usually harp on these posts by ATA but at this point I'm just kind of disappointed. Like it's advertised as a 'Hardcore RTS PVP game' yet it fails to be just that. For example, the ppl that spend money and are on lb are completely out of my hit range, the only way we take them down in war is fails. Personally, that's fine I don't mind that at all. But the removal of seasonal wars and now another shift towards hitting prem ebs? And a new permanent one at that?

    For the eb hitters out there where are the next two parts of the Sverguant series? OTH and AOTH? Or better yet release a new eb series for clans like mine that have all members over 10b.. something that is increasingly challenging.

    The problem isn't so much that its a new prem eb, i think many of us expected this to come soon. It's that you, ATA, have zero foresight into creating new customers and bringing and keeping new and old players around. You realize the people hitting your new eb are the ones that profit from it the least? Just disappointment all around. I fail to see how a business model like this ever fit into a game that was advertised as this was.
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  15. I say maybe no xtal limits on weekends but other than that why does everyone want to control what xtals people buy and what they use. Most people join nk clans anyways so maybe the no limit will give others a chance to grow as well. I do agree nks should be weekend ebs.
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  16. Kawmunity, Forget the global crisis that is corvid-19. Take it out of the equation entirely. Forget that most countries are either in or headed for recession. Ignore the falling stock market. These things are all temporary and wont really effect kaw that much as the spenders clearly have the money and wont be losing their well paying jobs. In the big picture these things dont matter.

    Now, let's focus on the game itself shall we? The xtal limit is in place for two reasons. 1) to prevent any singular account from BCing in a matter of days via purchasing your stats. 2) to prevent any one account from being 100% cleaned out by a single player or small group of players in a strip situation. The full removal of the xtal limit can only mean that the dev team is aware of the shrinking player base and is trying to boost revenue to prevent from having to shut down the servers. I 100% do not agree with this move on the devs part. Also, releasing a new P2P eb at this time when you could have released it as the 4th eb in the servengeit series instead is a bad business decision. I'm not one to cry about the gap but this is very quickly going to be a game breaking mechanic. Will be curious to watch the LB "change names" and watch the allies LB get more insane with volley overs. I can all but throw up my hands and wonder what happend in the last two events that gave the dev team the idea that this is a smart business decision. Please could you try to break it down for us so that perhaps we can understand what the intention of this was? Are you thinking that with every one being home they will have more time to play and therefore your lifting the limit so that people can dive deeper? Or am I missing something here?
  17. If this is happening make hte a free eb 😂😂
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  18. Very bad move at a very bad moment! Shame on you devs
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  19. A lot of people are sitting at home and will be spending a lot of time playing online games, possibly running out of money until they go back to work if they will have a job to go back to.

    Devs are going to drain people of their savings at a time when the temptation to spend is at its greatest and we’ll need those savings more than ever.

    Smart business move, a little more than questionable morals.
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  20. How do i hit it