The Return Of A Legend

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Gamma, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Upon my return to this land of kingdoms and gold after a two year sabbatical, many things have changed...and yet, many things remain the same.

    The never ending osw rages on, kingdoms compete in the system wars, wall posts talk the same smack, and the lack of incoming hits from wc still troubles me.

    Nevertheless, many new things seem to have kept the game fresh and inviting (albeit a bit overwhelming at first glance) to the kingdoms of KAW. A new look to the chat, some fancy collectables and oh my how have you all grown.

    The real reason for this post, and a genuine concern of mine for the well being of all in this great land:


    You have all become complacent! Living out your KAW lives in harmonic chaos, oblivious to what lies just below the surface. Take it from an old timer, things can change in one fell swoop!

    Some of you may not even have heard of the legend, others may have forgotten, and some still ignore the looming threat...but alas, the day will come when the fear becomes a reality and the threat of extinction rises full bodies from its hidden depth where it has been lying dormant for all these years!

    Keep your gold close and your towers ever watchful my friend, for in this land, it is not your enemies who will come calling in the wee hours of the night. No clanmate will protect you from the onslaught that awaits those less than ever vigilant, for when it comes, only destruction of the most evil will be left in its path.

    Pray! Young and old, I implore you pray that this swift and mighty end you do not meet!

    The legend breathes!
    The legend waits!
    The legend is


    He comes! One day...he comes!
    Prepare yourselves for your doom!
    Nothing can stop the mighty Spragga
    Nothing will stand in his wake
    Fear him and fear your reckoning, for it is at hand.
  2. Dont say I didn't warm you ;)
  3. Welcome back bro! ๎’๎ŒŒ
  4. sometimes when i post in wc get hit

    its not that people dont hit wc anymore its just that you guys need to say dumber stuff

    ill post a forum guide on how to get inc after posting a wc message soon
  5. Gamma and Spragga back... Great Monday, i must be living right.
  6. heh "old-timer"

    spragga meme died ages ago
  7. Thanks ireg!
  8. You all need more of a sense of humor
  9. Welcome back Gamma
  10. Thanks Lasho!
  11. Run fast and run far
  12. Donโ€™t worry Gamma I have grown at all in months!
  13. I am growing!!