The reason WE fight, and the reason YOU have to.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Merovingian, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Nice post. Welcome back Weezus. Let's do what we do best
  2. That's some funny ****. Losing 142b in one hit love it. All I hear is wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh 
  3. Supper! erm... support!

    bum bump bump

    And another one bites the dust!
  4. Amazing post from a well respected Apoc legend. Truer words have never been more well spoken

    Support Apocalypse
  5. -SUPPORT-
  6. Someone post and everyone else was told to write support lol.
  7. Not that it's required or that you have to, but, still. It would be great to see the full conversations, not just the bits.

    Also, welcome back from your hibernation.
  8. This forums was not needed, everyone knows harb is a dick but we figured we owed it to kaw to see why. We are not bullies. But we love to war and u can only poke a sleeping bear a couple times before it wakes the **** up and eats your face off  great post as always

    ☠ ༐༨བϮ下 ཛ ࿇ བཧཧབཧཧ༏སཧ ☢ ᏝᎧᎡᎠ

    dO YoU eVEn AllY BrO? didn't think so
  9. Support Harb you punk come at me brah!
  10. Welp Harb was wrong to be so disrespectful and bring sexual orientation into it
  11. Dam those were some high amounts of gold lost I'm surprised you guys didn't war sooner if all that happened
  12. Hoorah! Great post weezus. Let's do this!
  13. Always a pleasure to see such an inflated ego burst. And it was done so elegantly.
  14. It's nice he decided to throw spirit pudding.
  15. And there are the SS everyone was hoping for :)
  16. Well written, weezus.
    Full Support
  17. Harb fully deserved the strip for his insolent actions.
  18. This is one damn big OSW.
  19. I took an arrow in the knee from zaft. I'm still an adventurer.