The reason WE fight, and the reason YOU have to.

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  1. Lol there you have it. You've gotten your closure from Troll. 
  2. support and great post! the truth as been said
  3. support! Much respect!
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    Zaft gonna die without honor 
  5. *Insert cool gif with people golf clapping while looking reassuringly at one another*

    Nice one. Cheers APOC
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  7. That's the problem with whacking someone with hire hitting when the allies are in the trillions. You lose so much gold, as the primus hire shows. 11 bil per hit is a lot. One full bar of attacks could cost a player 100 bil. I'm suprised that harbinger was allowed to do this for so long.
  8. Many other occasions but those she'd enough light. APOC has nothing to prove, but I believe those that don't know why or how, now know !!! 
  9. Glad ur back weez awesome post
  10. Shed^ 
  11. Interesting.
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    Cor-x ☠Ҝǿ₮ʄҽ☠
  13. Such a disgrace of a leader,Glad he got what he did,funny thing is that he acts like he didn't know why he was stripped.
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  15. Sad part of this whole situation is. zaft members get treated bad kicked out over bs. They get in trouble for posting on forums. I was zaft and posted anything anytime I wanted. zaft members it's just a Internet game harb 1sl and the rest of the owners and admins don't own you. zaft was better when Laoda and Warsin were in charge. Now it's ran on ego and that came back and bit you in the ass.
  16. Welcome back, Weezus ️