The reason WE fight, and the reason YOU have to.

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  1. ZAFT clans are very different from each other, and are not run the same. By my experience.
  2. Your reasoning is flawed because there are many situations that warrent different courses of actions.
  3. No dog in the fight however i see both sides of what omet is saying..i see definitely why harb was stripped ..he is definitely a jerk..why not strip cella for same reason? she as i know has put several people in her clans ca for hiring off of her? i have seen do not hire banners in almost every alliance but as i dont have allies i never cared..would i go to war over someone hiring a clan mates allies? hell no..would i go to war for someone speaking the way harb did to me or a buddy of mine? hell yes.
  4. how is the reasoning flawed pray tell me? ZAFT HIT APOC THEN APOC HIT HARDER.
  5. Im not disputing the reasoning for anyones actions.

    Quite the opposite.
  6. im so confused, why's it MY fault?
  7. Pestilence if I were you I'd take credit for it. That way you could take credit for the best trolled thread of all time where that omelet king got laughed off the forums.
  8. Sad, harb left carnage, after declaring war, and talking so much crap about never giving up....
  9. If harb quits after talking all that crap then that's a bit rude. I talk crap all the time. You just keep on keeping on. He still has an excellent Kingdom. Would be a waste.
  10. Ok so if u have a 18 year old punching lots of 7 year olds in the face the 7 year olds should handle on their own? I mean really think about the size difference between harb and the ones he hire hit 1v1 isn't even possible... It's like a small kid trying to beat up an I adult doesn't work out very well..... However regardless I could careless about reasons I personally just love war and the work that goes behind it ️
  11. Check out the thread Why We Fight, it has some of the same screen shots that Weasel of Apoc posted but with a different take hmmmm.
  12. Nice one Clay trying to bury the Zaft response thread by bumping all old ones.