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  1. Haha I agree!!! What kind of idiot group calls themselves lords anyway? Sosad
  2. Case in point. ATA won't do anything about this statement. It's out in the open.

  3. Here's a footage of the problem Larry is vaguely describing of being discussed..

  4. Thanks for the Rachel McAdams break Ashes 
  5. Hey guys don't forget all the fun you had on this game that didn't involve game mechs. It's natural to grow out of a game. You don't have to ruin it for those who aren't ready for it to end.

    Seriously. ATA is a very forgiving open minded group of people. Properly worded you are free to express yourselves in any fashion you wish. That is something I personally won't forget, and in my opinion the most important thing to me.

    The game itself, the nature of the game caused this. You can't have PvP at the scale this game has and expect not to lose players. OSW is never ending. Every hour of everyday. The game is time consuming, and demanding.

    The game came at a time when we had a technological advance. Mobile gaming on your phone. Using apps. It's was new and creative. Now all of you are mobile game veterans. MMORPG players. You can't even sleep playing this game without losing. Eat, sleep and breathe KaW.

    The point is, you guys wouldn't get involved with another game like this most likely. You been here and done it, but people still need KaW. They need to fill that void that brings you all back time and again. They need that company, that feeling of belonging. That sense of power, or feeling victory.

    Regardless of how the game is being played, abused and used. It still is a game for all those who need a safe place to play.

    Don't give up because you are losing. Stop playing because it's time for you to turn over a new chapter in life. Keep in mind someone else is out there, who still loves this game and community.

    I talk a lot of crap that I shouldn't, for my own amusement. This wasn't one of those times. Maybe for the first time.

    Thank you reading.
  6. What gives other people the right to judge how others play the game? So what if kotfe has lords. If you know your history, clan structure for kotfe is based on the game fire emblem. The leadership structure starts with lords at the top. Just like how lots of clans have senior councils. type of hierarchy we have different one here don't be jelly just cos fury is stuck at the bottom trying to refund there way to the top.
  7. So you guys are dorks in more than 1 game?
  8. Is this reference to a third party software? Will kotfe mods hold theirs to the same standard? I wont hold my breath.
  9. Cor you are wasting your time. Fury just needs something new to complain about. You have lords and they have runners. Just a different name for a council. But when you have to make another thread to whine on apoc/SILVERr/clan a MUST BE getting to them
  10. True bro retweet
  11. |_|_|-CLOWN-|_|_| what does Silver have? You guys are in over your head.. We CA'd Silver at Fury for a day and got every clan turned at us. The only thing I ever see from Silver is an occasional angry post from you direct at us, and Sugarbaby saying something incoherent.
  12. Well Larry, I saw Lady L's banner in your clan stating she's the CEO... So, your clan is a legit business? If so, when are you going to file for chapter 7? (Your clan is broke...) at least file for chapter 11, make Roni your new CEO and then you'll have a scapegoat for when that ship finally sinks.
  13. BigSlobSr your obsession with picking on Roni speaks volumes about you. Let me ask you a question... Do you see the difference between Lords and CEOs? Lords play dress up, CEOs handle business
  14. Silver has a lot more than fury and business must be bad for fury lately then. Lol.
  15. You guys have a lot of extra time for your Lord RP since it only takes you a minute to find 100s of back page allies, I would say you are rather rich in RP
  16. Lol. You're right Larry. I shouldn't make fun of you Furbies. After all, your delusional incoherent rants are sad... A perfect example of Kawcaine's effect on the brain.
  17. No support
  18. BigSlobsr your war history is sad. You ran from too previous wars and now you are sitting in a Lord RP clan.. Smh... And your attempts to provoke Roni are pathetic
  19. The best thing about these wars are the alternate clan names.
  20. Honest question, how do we discuss the thread topic without getting ourselves silenced?

    This topic is on the fringe of taboo.
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