The Question of KaW

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Pineapple pizzas or nah?


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  1. Still discusted that this has more yes's than no's.. :mad:

  2. Protip: panfry your pineapple in butter until browned. THEN add to pizza. Or, just eat it straight.

    Your tastebuds can thank me later.
  3. Mmmmm butter
  4. My daughter just had pepperoni and pineapple pizza you Can't dismiss a kids taste buds gibby son!
  5. It's a cruel and disgusting world out there gibby.
  6. I come back to point a very terrible fact. I'm very gutted that it has come to this..

    People prefer having pineapple on pizza...

    Its a very sad day. We must have this resolved, for the greater good, for our futures! Say No To Pineapple (on pizzas)!