The Question of KaW

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Pineapple pizzas or nah?


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  1. The question has been asked.
    But which is more superior?

    Pineapple pizzas ..... or nah?

    (Totally only here to see which is more favored lol)
  2. I see no one decided to show your thread love so here I am. And yes, pineapple does belong on pizza :)
  3. Idk man I think people should be free to make their own dietary choices. Well, mostly free at least 😂
  4. Whats wrong with you ofc, it goes with the other fruit
  5. No... No No No.


    Interesting that, at this stage, the poll is fairly equal tbh!
  6. Duh. Glad my vote broke the tie.
  7. I thought you were the one... nevermind 🌚
  8. Free... except for pineapple on pizza. That’s a dietary crime.
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  9. It wouldn't be Hawaii without it.
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  10. Actually right now, in the United States eating dog is a dietary (and regular) crime. IIRC the trump admin slid that law in and nobody really noticed.
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  11. This! Because currently the poll is in favor of yes
  12. That is a horrifying amount of cheese to consume on purpose in one sitting
  13. Isn't it glorious though?
  14. no :(
  15. It’s a sin
  16. Stealin mah memessss
  17. Your memes? You mean our memes.


  18. You told me to share it, except your version had a naughty word.